what is velovita? Is Velovita A Scam?

If you’re thinking about joining any business in the MLM industry, the health and wellness niche isn’t a bad place to get started.

Not only can you help people improve their health, but you can make money while doing it.

But you have to be careful, because not every business is as popular as a Herbalife. Some are just straight up scams.

Which is why you stopped by this Velovita review. You wanted to know if this company is worth trying or not.

Well in this review, I plan on breaking down everything you need to know about this company.

Things like its background information, cost to join, and how much you’re compensated for marketing their business.

By the end of this, you will have a good idea if it’s for you or not.

VeloVita Review Summary

Product Name: VeloVita

Founder: Kosta Gara and Jeff Mack

Business Model: Health and Wellness MLM

Price to join: $49.95 per month + various starter sets 

Best For: No one

Summary: VeloVita is a health and wellness MLM that has a very low earning potential. That’s because it really only has one product that it markets out to customers. Not only that, but the product they do sell is kind of pricey, and recruiting people to sell this one product will prove difficult.

Rating: 50/100

Recommend: No


What Is VeloVita?

VeloVita is your typical Multi-Level Marketing company that markets in the health and wellness niche.

The one product they market is a nootropic called bran, which is a drink supplement.

The company was founded in April of 2020 by Kosta Gara and Jeff Mack.

Both have been involved in other MLMs in the past which is important to know. The reason being, is that you get an idea of how they like to operate their businesses.

From what I gather, it looks like Gara used to be CEA of a company called iGalen.

At the time, they were being sued by ATM Metabolics who was their product supplier.

This caused them to lose access to their most popular product and soon after they went under.

When it comes to Jeff Mack, he was the CEO of VidaCup, which was also a health and wellness company.

They happend to make it for a few years before shutting down.

VeloVita Products

Like I mentioned earlier, VeloVita has only one product, and it’s called Bran.

It is a dietary supplement that claims to be a Nootropic with leading edge nanotechnology that helps in boosting the brain.

This is great for those looking to eat clean and healthy meals.

Equipped with 16 nutrients, you can expect to be given everything you need to maintain your energy throughout the day.

And for those that like variety, it does come in three different flavors for your tastebuds.

Lemon drop, caramel macchiato, and chocolate sea salt. There are about 25 servings in each package, and is priced at a whopping $64.95 at wholesale.

Can’t say you’re not getting high quality. 

Does VeloVita Work?

The fact that it’s an energy drink supplement, the hope is that it will help you sustain good energy throughout the day.

And by looking at their ingredients, there is potential for it to have some level of caffeine in it.

However, it doesn’t mention anything about caffeine, but does mention coffee bean extract.

So the assumption is that it does have some level of caffeine even though it doesn’t mention how much.

This may be a problem for must energy drink users.

That’s because knowing the amount of caffeine is key to avoiding the crash many get when a drink contains too much caffeine.

So this drink either has too much caffeine or none at all, which means it’s filled with a bunch of sugar.

How You Make Money With VeloVita

Like most MLM companies, there’s only so many ways in which you can make money. Those ways are:

  1. Selling products the company provides
  2. Recruiting others to sell products

How To Get Started With VeloVita

VeloVita allows you to sign up as an affiliate to be their dropshipper on your very own e-commerce site for free.

However, if you’re interested in selling their supplement product and also taking part in the compensation program, then you’ll have to pay $49.99/month.

I do have a bit of good news, they do offer four different Bran packages for you to sell.

Those options are:

  • Advocate - 1 Box of Bran ($64.95)
  • Promoter - 6 boxes of Bran ($324.75)
  • Influencer - 12 boxes of Bran ($649.50)
  • Ambassador - 25 boxes of Bran ($1299)

You can even get a discount on the packages. The bigger the package you purchase, the better the discount you get.

This will help you earn more profits when making sales.

VeloVita Compensation Plan

The one thing that bothers me about most MLM compensation plans is the complexity. VeloVita’s plan is about 23 pages long.

This is done on purpose to have you not focus on what you will be getting paid.

Obviously I can’t talk about everything in each page, so I will just highlight the most important parts.

  • Retail Commissions – Technically, your profits from sales, which comes from the difference between retail and wholesale pricing
  • Referral commissions – This is earned by purchase made by your personally sponsored members
  • Residual commissions – This is paid out following a binary compensation plan structure where members are placed on your left and right legs, and go from there
  • Matching bonus – You earn bonuses based on bonuses earned by your downline

What I LIke About VeloVita

#1. Retail Requirements

One of my biggest concerns with MLMs is many focus on just having you build up your downline.

So much so that you question if it’s a pyramid scheme.

But with VeloVita, they remove this concern by making it a requirement for you to have at least three retail customers before you can build your downline.

This removes the strategy many have which is making recruiting the primary focus without having to make sales.

#2. Affiliate Program

It’s rare that you find any MLM company that offers an affiliate program.

This is great for those that aren’t looking to pay to either sell or recruit people into the business.

If all you want to do is sell the product online, VeloVita will pay you a 10% commission.

If you go this route, it’s important to understand that you will need an audience to sell to. But this can be a great alternative.

What I Don’t Like About VeloVita

#1. Pay To Win

Many MLM companies like to make their distributors pay for products in order to participate in their compensation plan.

This can make getting ahead in your business very difficult.

Now VeloVita doesn’t operate exactly like this, but they do have some form of it. And that’s when purchasing their bran package.

The higher the package price, the higher the discount you get when purchasing. VeloVita’s most expensive package is $1299, which is very pricey for many.

#2. Lack Of Products

The fact that there is only one product to sell, makes your chances of success not very high.

 People like a little variety, and although they do have different flavors, it’s not enough to want to buy.

So it would concern me a bit knowing this.

#3. Low Income Rate

MLMs overall have a very low success rate. That’s because most people lack business skills, and lack the education to build a business.

Also, the people that make the most money are those that started it.

You coming into a business that’s not yours decreases your chance to succeed.

Not only do you have to sell a high priced item, but you also have to recruit people into the business.

And based on my experience, finding people who share the same passion as you do can be very difficult.

Is VeloVita A Scam?

I’ve seen many scams, and I don’t believe VeloVita to be one of them. They offer a decent but high priced product.

And their compensation plans are pretty competitive with other MLMs.

However, that doesn’t mean I would recommend this business to you. That’s because the chances of success are very low.

You’re starting a business that isn’t yours, and recruiting people can be very annoying.

Maybe if they had more products to sell I could see it working. But to be honest that wouldn’t be enough either.

Recruiting being the main reason why.

Most people that join try to recruit family and friends. And anyone who has experience with MLMs, knows they are the last people to ask.

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