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November 24, 2020


If you’re someone that is interested in health and wellness, and are looking to start a business in it, finding an MLM business won’t be hard to find.

There are literally thousands of companies in the Multi Level Marketing niche looking for ambitious people to join their group.

One company in particular is NutriCellix. Obviously you’ve heard of them or you wouldn’t be here today.

But what you really want to know is if they are a scam or not. Well in this review, you will learn everything you need to know about them. 

Things like their background information, cost to join the business, and most importantly, how much you will be compensated for marketing their products.

NutriCellix Review Summary

Product Name: NutriCellix

Founder: Bo and Roni Short

Product Type: Health and Wellness MLM

Price to join: $59

Best For: No one

Summary: NutriCellix is another Multi-Level Marketing company that markets health and wellness supplements. To help sell these supplements, they use a DNA testing kit and claim they help to provide you with the best supplements for your fitness goals. The problem is there is no proof it even works. Not only that, but like most MLMs, succeeding in this will be difficult.

Rating: 35/100

Recommend: No


Frequently Asked Questions

1.) What is NutriCellix?

NutriCellix was founded back in January of 2020. They operate their business in the health and wellness industry and market supplements.

The people behind the business are Bo and Roni Short. Where Bo is the CEO, and Roni is the President.

Based on my research, it looks like NutriCellix isn’t the first MLM Bo and Roni have been involved with.

Back in the 90s, Bo was an active participant in the Amway business.

He then opened up his own MLM called Passport, which eventually failed. After failing with Passport, he started it back up, but under a different name. 

The company was Oasis LifeSciences, which was eventually rebranded into UniveraLifeSciences.

He’s been involved in other MLMs that of course went nowhere.

2.) How do you make money with them?

Like with most MLMs, you can make money in two ways. The first is by selling NutriCellix products and earning a commission on every sale made.

The other way is by recruiting people into the business and putting into your downline.

You also earn a commission for every sale and person brought into the business by those in your downline.

There are other bonuses that I will go over later.

3.) What are the red flags?

There are a couple of things that concern me about NutriCellix. One being that this is a very new company.

There isn’t too much history on how this company operates, so I would be very cautious getting into business with them.

The second thing is, despite their newness, there is a history of the people who founded the company.

Both Bo and Roni have a history of getting involved with MLMs, and based on that history, things just don’t seem to go well business wise.

Does NutriCellix Operate Like A Pyramid Scheme?

When people hear MLM, they automatically think of pyramid schemes.

I’m not going to lie, I remember when my brother first joined one, I thought the same thing. But it’s important to understand that not all MLMs are pyramid schemes.

That’s because in order for an MLM to be considered this, they’re only revenue stream is recruiting people.

If all they require is you as a member to recruit, and there are no products to sell, then you are dealing with a pyramid scheme.

And although NutriCellix does compensate you for recruiting people, they also have products that you can sell. And remember, pyramid schemes are illegal.

Success Is Unlikely

There are thousands of MLMs that market in the niche of health and wellness.

And although the products have different names, they all pretty much do the same thing.

So when trying to sell NutriCellix products, you have to ask yourself this question, what makes my products different from other products?

Because you know your customers will be asking these questions.

Also, when it comes to recruiting, in order to be successful, you have to recruit a lot of people into the business.

But how many people can you realistically bring in.

One, that’s a lot of work you will have to put into convincing people to join. And two, you can only recruit so many people.

Once you stop recruiting, so does your income.

Most people fail to realize this before joining, which is why so many fail. This is why MLM business models are not good models to follow.

Getting Started With NutriCellix

How Much To Join NutriCellix?

Most MLMs will run you about a grand just to get started. But for NutriCellix, it costs you only $59 to join as an affiliate.

However, you also need to factor in all the miscellaneous costs that come with running your business.

Hold meetings, buying products to try out, gas and transportation, and many more. These are things you should think long and hard about before signing up.

NutriCellix Compensation Plan

Compensation plans can be really confusing for many who join.But NutriCellix seems to be pretty easy to understand. 

Below I gave a quick breakdown of how they compensate you:

Affiliate Ranks

When dealing with MLM companies, you tend to see a ranking system. NurtiCellix has about 13 of them for you to climb through.

As you go from rank to rank, you also receive various rewards.

Below you’ll find each ranking:

  • Ambassador
  • Executive Ambassador
  • Opal
  • Jade
  • Pearl
  • Sapphire
  • Ruby
  • Emerald
  • Diamond
  • Blue Diamond
  • Black Diamond 
  • Read Diamond
  • Crown Diamond

Retail Commissions

You receive this commission by selling NutriCellix Products to customers.

NutriCellix allows you to purchase the products at wholesale, and lets you sell it to customers at retail. The difference will be your profit.

Residual Commissions

This is where you put your downline to work. Each sale or recruit your downline makes, you earn a commission.

However, keep in mind that the amount of commission you receive is dependent on your rank.

Below is list of your earnings based on your rank:

  • Ambassador earns 5% on level 1 (personal recruits)
  • Executive Ambassadors and Opals earn 5% on level 1 and 8% on level 2.
  • Jades earn 5% on level 1, 8% on level 2, 5% on level 3.
  • Pearls and Sapphires earn 5% on level 1, 8% on level 2 and 5% on levels 3 to 5.
  • Rubies and Emeralds earn 5% on level 1, 8% on level 2 and 5% on levels 3 to 5.
  • Diamonds and Blue Diamonds earn 5% on level 1, 8% on level 2, 5% on levels 3 to 5, 4% on level 6. 
  • Black Diamonds and Red Diamonds earn 5% on level 1, 8% on level 2, 5% on 3 to 5, 4% on level 6 and 3% on level 7.
  • Crown Diamonds earn 5% on level 1, 8% on level 2, 5% on levels 3 to 5, 4% on level 6, 3% on level 7 and 2% on level 8. 

Other Bonuses

I told you that there was a third way to make money other than recruiting and selling products.

NutriCellix also has two other bonuses which include Matching Bonus and Leadership Bonus.

The way it works is, a Matching bonus is earned when your downline achieves bonuses. And Leadership Bonus is a percentage commission of overall sales.

Below is a quick breakdown:

  • Diamond recieve 1 share
  • Blue Diamonds receive 2 shares
  • Black Diamonds receive 3 shares
  • Red Diamonds receive 4 shares
  • Crown Diamonds receive 5 shares.

NutriCellix Product Line

Remember that NutriCellix is a health and wellness MLM company whose main products are supplements. 

These products are designed to help you lose weight.

But before they supply you with the products, they want you to take a DNA Analysis Kit to make sure you are provided the best supplements for your weight loss goals.

The Kit will cost you $100, and they have you take a swab and send it to the labs for testing.

This is where they will build out your DNA based weight management supplement. Your supplements usually last about a month, unless stated otherwise.

Below are three other products you can buy:

  • Core ($129.95)
  • FIT Shakes ($59.95)
  • Surge ($49.95)

What I Like About NutriCellix

Easy on the pockets

Compared to other MLM companies, the cost to join NutriCellix is very affordable. At only $59, you can give the business a try without breaking the bank. However, do keep in mind other costs to run your business.

What I Don’t LIke About NutriCellix

Lack of success

Regardless of what MLM you join, the chances of success are really low.

The business model is not made for those joining after business is built to succeed. Those at the top are the one making all the money.

Just ask others their experience with MLMs, and I bet you get the same response.

Questionable product costs

The cost of these products are pretty expensive, especially when you factor in the effectiveness of them.

I don’t trust their DNA testing kit to find the best supplements for you. I think it's just a fancy way for them to justify charging the prices they do.

Competitive niche

I mentioned earlier that there are thousands of MLMs in the health and wellness niche.

Although this could be a good thing since it means there is a demand for it.

However, not only will you be competing against other competitors in the MLM industry, but also big brands not in the MLM industry.

Founders sketchy past

The fact that the founders have a history of owning other sketchy MLMs, this should make you think twice about joining NutriCellix.

Is NutriCellix International A Scam?

NutriCellix is definitely not a scam, but it doesn’t mean I would trust what they have to offer.

Products are suspect, and the overall business model is proven to fail.

As fancy and generous as their compensation plan looks on paper, most people will never reach the ranking to earn stated commissions.

Basically, this isn’t a good enough opportunity for me to waste my time with. Especially when there are more efficient ways to start a business.

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