December 18

By Ralph

December 18, 2020


It amazes me how much companies are willing to spend just to advertise their product in front of an audience.

You see it in social media, blog sites, and of course entertainment. You’ve probably noticed this and are wondering how you can be a part of this action.

Well if you don’t have ownership of any of the three I mentioned just now, there are PTC (Paid To Click) sites out there for folks just like you.

One in particular is indexclix.

But you’re probably wondering if it’s worth getting into or not. Well in this review, I plan on going over everything about this site.

Things like it’s background information, cost to join, and how to make money from it.

After reading this review, you should know whether Indexclix is worth joining or not.

IndexClix Review Summary

Product Name: IndexClix

Founders: Not Available

Product Type: Paid-To-Click Program

Price to join: Free to join

Best For: those looking to lose earn a buck

Summary: IndexClix is your typical PTC site that pays you to just watch ads.

Not only that, but they also have you take surveys and complete other tasks on their site.

If you’re someone that is looking to earn full time income, then this probably isn’t for you.

But if you’re just looking to make a little bit of extra cash, then it may work.

Regardless of what you’re looking for, there are better ways to make money than by watching ads and taking surveys.

Rating: 45/100

Recommend: No


What Is IndexClix?

IndexClix is another Paid To Click site, also known as PTC. These sites will pay you just for viewing ads they have listed on their sites.

This is usually the main way for you to earn an income on sites like IndexClix.

But the good thing about IndexClix is that they also offer 7 other ways to help you make money.

Before I show the 7 other ways, it’s important to know that the site has been around since 2017 and has paid out $47,292 to its members.

An Inside Look

To sign up to IndexClix will cost you absolutely nothing, which is common with these sites.

All that is usually required is contact info, email verification, and that’s pretty much it. Now onto the ways you can make money

View Ads

Viewing ads will be your main source of income.

Which pays you $0.003 for standard ads per click, and $0.001 for Bonus Ads. Micro, Mini, and Nano ads will payout $0.001 per click.

Unfortunately the amount of ads available to watch is limited, therefore this isn’t much money to be made here.


For those that are into games, indexgrid is a game that lets you click on grids from a picture. Each grid that gets clicked on, will reveal an ad, and you are rewarded.

Grid games are a pretty common feature in legit PTC sites such as Twickerz.

Paid Offers

This is where you will find third party offers where you can watch ads, complete surveys and play games.

These are very small tasks you can complete for some cash, but don’t expect too much earnings from this.

Especially since indexclix takes a percentage of your earnings. 

Paid To Sign Up

If you’re looking to waste time, this is a great way to do it.

Here you will find free and paid offers where all you have to do is sign up for a website with your email and set up your account.

It usually takes a few days to get confirmed, so I really don’t see this as worth it.

Bonus Game

This game is super random in how prizes are awarded. The prizes seem to be predetermined where the prize is revealed after you are done watching an ad.

Heads Or Tails

For all my folks that are into gambling, you earn money from a coin flip. You get to guess heads or tails, and if you guess right, you pretty much double your earnings. But if you lose, you lose your whole bet.

Direct Referrals

This is where you get a signup link that you can share with people you know.

Everything your referrals earn in terms of commissions and what they spend, you receive a commission.

Also, your commissions are based on your membership.

Rented Referrals

As weird as this may sound, but this is where you can pay to rent referrals. These referrals tend to be people that signed up to IndexClix on their own accord.

They are not attached to any referral which allows you to own a percentage of their activity on the site.

The amount you receive also depends on your membership.

Advertise Your Site

For those that have products or services to sell, this is where you can feature your ads.

Most people probably won’t go this route, but it is available if you’re interested.

It’s pretty much cheap traffic since the people that’s getting targeted most likely won’t have any interest in what you’re selling.

You might get excited with your clicks and views, but it won’t result in income.

Upgrade Your Account

If you’re interested in getting better access paying ads so that you can earn higher commissions, there is a way to upgrade your account.

Below is a list of upgrades to choose from:

  • Bronze: 30 days for $4.99, 90 days for $13.49, 365 days for $54.99
  • Silver: 30 days for $9.99, 90 days for $26.99, 365 days for 95.99
  • Gold: 30 days for $29.99, 90 days for $95.49, 365 days for $289.99
  • Platinum: 30 days for $69.99, 90 days for $189.00, 365 days for $672.00

How Do You Get Money Out

There are four ways in which you can withdraw your earnings:

  • Airtm
  • Solidtrustpay
  • Payeer
  • Bitcoin

Keep in mind that Payeer is not an option if you are from the US. The minimum threshold for payout is $5.

Who’s IndexClix For?

If you think you’re going to earn big money with this, then think again. This is for anyone looking to make some beer money for the weekends.

What I Like About IndexClix

#1. Free To Try

This is usually the case for these types of sites since the goal is to get people to view their product ads.

There isn’t much to lose other than the information you gave when signing up. But other than that, it doesn’t affect your pockets not one bit.

There is an option to upgrade which will cost you money, but this is optional.

#2. Been Around A While

They have been around for 3 years so that is a plus in regards to credibility.

Not only that, but they do pay out their members which is extremely important if you plan on lasting a while.

There are plenty of PTC sites that don’t pay out on a consistent basis, and are quickly exposed as scams.

But IndexClix does a good job at making sure they remain reputable.

What I Don’t LIke About IndexClix

PTC sites just aren’t a great place to make great money. The fact that all you’re dining is click on ads and watching them doesn’t warrant high earnings.

But it all depends on what your expectations are. If you’re just looking to earn a few extra bucks, then this could be great for you.

But if not, then you need to just move on to something else.

#2. Third-Party Surveys and Offers

I’m not a big fan of third party survey sites. That’s because that means less money for you, and I don’t trust them when it comes to your privacy.

And if you think that IndexClix is reliable for any of your information being leaked, then think again.

They wouldn’t allow third party sites if that were the case.

Is IndexClix A Scam?

It’s definitely a legit money making opportunity, but I just wouldn’t recommend anyone look to IndexClix for full time income.

As easy as it may sound to just click and watch ads for some change, it’s a complete waste of time.

If I’m going to use my time, I’d rather use it building a business that can earn me income even while I sleep.

PTC sites don’t do that which would force me to look elsewhere.

So if you’re someone that is seriously looking to make life changing money, IndexClix isn’t it.

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