December 9

By Ralph

December 9, 2020


If you’re someone that is looking for a way to make money online, there’s no better way to do it than with affiliate marketing.

And this is coming from personal experience.

That’s because when starting a business, one of the biggest difficulties is coming up with the capitol to get started, or purchasing inventory.

But with affiliate marketing, all you need is a website and some training, and you can market other people's products and earn a commission.

This can cost you no more than a few hundred dollars.

But where do you get this training? Well one company offering this training is Affiliate Advisor Group, but are they legit?

Well in this article, I plan on going over everything you need to know about this company.

Things like their background information, cost to get started, and the benefits of joining.

After reading this review, you’ll have a better idea if this business is for you or not. 

Affiliate Advisor Group Review Summary

Product Name: Affiliate Advisor Group

Founders: N/A

Product Type: Affiliate Marketing DFY System

Price to join: $37 one-time fee plus $15 upgrade cost

Best For: Those looking to lose money

Summary: Affiliate Advisor Group is a DFY (Do For Yourself) affiliate marketing system that tries to come off as a legit business opportunity.

When in reality, it’s just another system looking to take peoples money.

They use testimonials that are fake, and the earning potential is not really there.

As someone that has made money from affiliate marketing, this system is what you don’t want when it comes to making money online.

Rating: 5/100

Recommend: No


What Is Affiliate Advisor Group?

Due to the popularity of affiliate marketing, you will find many people creating courses or systems for people to buy to learn about affiliate marketing.

So when it comes to affiliate advisor group, they make the claim that they can make you hundreds of dollars a day.

That their do for yourself system allows you to earn money without barely lifting a finger.

Well you might have to lift at least one of your fingers since they say that with just a few clicks of the button, money will pour right in.

I mean who wouldn’t want to sign up for that? The problem is, there is no such thing as easy money.

If you go to their landing page, there is absolutely no information as to who created this system.

Which to me is a huge red flag since I like to know who is the brains behind the operation. They try to sell you on the idea of working from home by providing you with a video.

To make it worse, the video they are showing you is a news video about working from home.

The problem is, the video makes no mention of Affiliate Advisor Group. They just want you to think they are a legit system.

Inside Affiliate Advisor Group

While on their landing page, instead of giving more info about the system, all you’re giving is a “Get Instant Access Now” button.

Clearly the only thing they care about is your money.

To get access to this system, it will cost you $37 which is a one-time fee plus a $15 one-time upgrade fee.

Compared to other systems, this isn’t a lot of money. But no one wants to waste money on something that isn’t good. 

What Is Affiliate Advisor Group Exactly?

One sign to look for when trying to decide if a program is legit or not, is when they promise how much money you can make.

Affiliate Advisor Group makes the claim that you can earn as much as $5000 in a week.

Obviously this is just a way to get you to join their program so that they can earn a quick buck off of you.

What Affiliate Advisor Group is providing you with this system is a done for you system.

Where you don’t have to do much other than drive traffic to your site.

You’re given affiliate links, already made content, and actionable items to help you get results. The only issue is, the website they provide you with is junk.

Your website will not rank within the google search engine due to duplicate content.

What do I mean by duplicate content? Do you think you’re the only one using this system?

Everyone that purchases Affiliate Advisor Group is getting the same content as you.

Unfortunately google doesn’t like that, and penalizes your site. In order to rank well in google, you need original content that is created by you, the creator.

Affiliate Marketing Is legitimate

If you’re still skeptical about what affiliate marketing is, then believe me when I say affiliate marketing does work.

It is a billion dollar industry because companies are always looking for ways to market their products.

You see how much tv networks pay the NFL to broadcast their games so that they can charge companies to promote their products.

Many people have benefited from affiliate marketing (including myself) and have made thousands of dollars a month.

But what you need to understand is that it is not easy.

You have to put in the work upfront to reap the rewards later. It can easily take you months of hard work to start seeing some level of success.

My first taste of success with affiliate marketing came in 6 months, and it came from a $3.50 commission on amazon.

It wasn’t much, but that’s all I needed to see to know it works.

Who’s Affiliate Advisor Group For?

Unless you’re looking to lose a bit of money, then go right ahead and jump on this opportunity. But in reality, this system is for absolutely no one.

So stay far away!

What I Like About Affiliate Advisor Group

There is absolutely nothing to like about this system. I’ve seen my share of affiliate programs, and this has to be one of the worst ones.

Don’t even bother entertaining this waste of time. 

What I Don’t LIke About Affiliate Advisor Group

#1. Owner Unknown

If I plan on committing my time and money to any program or business, I like to know the person that is behind the idea.

I like to get a little background information into who I'm dealing with before I commit to anything.

Unfortunately when it comes to Affiliate Advisor Group, I have no idea who created the system.

I see a sales video by two women named Jessica or Sarah, but I doubt they are the creators.

If you’re going to make claims that one can make $1000 a week, there needs to be a face behind such a claim.

But this is what you should expect from someone selling a scam. 

#2. Hyped-Up Earnings

Look, I of all people know that making money with affiliate marketing is possible. Not to brag, but I once made almost 38k in one month.

But that didn’t happen overnight. It took time for me to get there.

I had to do a lot of learning just to get a basic understanding of how making money online works.

So when I see such hyped up earnings, I just roll my eyes and drop my head in disgust when I see such BS.

And if you’re going to make claims like this, at least have some proof of it...I mean real proof, which we will get into next.

#3. Fake Testimonials 

I’ll admit, using testimonials is a great way to bring legitimacy to anything you’re selling.

Just throw up a picture of someone with some words underneath, and you have your validation.

But one thing you have to be careful with are fake testimonials with fake pictures.

For example, Affiliate Advisor Group has a picture of a woman and her two kids. Talking about how she had no money due to losing her job or whatever.

Then mentions how Affiliate Advisor Group changed her life. Come to find out that the photo is nothing but a fake.

It’s nothing but a stock photo that was taken from another site online, and used as a BS testimonial.

All you have to do is check out TinEye, and they tell you everything you need to know about the photo being used.

#4. Basic Training ? Nope!

I’ve received training about affiliate marketing, and it was one of the best educations I’ve ever had.

So when I look at the supposed training system Affiliate Advisor Group provides, I have to laugh.

The information that they have on their dashboard is outdated and offers zero guidance on starting an affiliate marketing business.

You can read an article or go on Youtube and learn more about affiliate marketing than what you get with Affiliate Advisor Group.

Is Affiliate Advisor Group A Scam?

There is no doubt that Affiliate Advisor Group is a scam.

They offer nothing that will help you learn and earn money with affiliate marketing. What’s crazy is that they don’t even try that hard to hide it. 

To recap why this system doesn’t work:

  • I have no idea who owns the program which makes me wonder who do I contact if I have questions or am unsatisfied with the program.
  • There’s no proof of others actually making money with this program. They use fake testimonials to trick you into thinking they are legit. 
  • Claiming you can make a bunch of money quickly. Which should always be a huge red flag to those reading. There is no such thing as quick money unless you’re Walter White in Breaking Bad.

Just stay as far away from this program as you can!

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