Are you training to become a personal trainer? Not feeling the whole cubicle lifestyle and want to do something more rewarding?

Well before you make such a decision, let me share with you a bit of my experiences as someone who is actually certified.

When I decided to pursue a career as a personal trainer, I saw it as a way to ditch the whole 9 to 5 office life.

Being able to wear gym clothes, work out, and help people get in shape seemed like a pretty cool gig.

But I quickly learned that the lifestyle of a personal trainer wasn’t as easy as it seemed.

Depending on where you live, it can be pretty tough making a living. And compared to an office job, there is a lot of uncertainty when it comes to your income.

But if you’re like me, you rather this type of lifestyle than the office job that leaves you pretty much lifeless each and everyday.

So if you really want to live the life of a personal trainer, then there are some things you should know before getting started.

Everyone Is Trying To Become a Personal Trainer

So what does this mean? This means that the industry is over saturated with people looking to live the life of a personal trainer.

Therefore there isn’t much demand for gyms to find trainers since there are so many of them.


And when there isn’t much demand for something, you can expect the pay not to be all that great.

Keep in mind that i’m referring to anyone that is looking to get employed at a gym.

If you’re an independent trainer, than obviously you have the choice of setting your own prices.

Also, the fact that there are so many trainers out there, it’s important to find ways to separate yourself from them.

You have to be able to sell yourself to potential clients or employers on why you would be a good choice as a trainer.

So even though there is a need for those in the health profession due to the rise in obesity rates, there’s also a large selection in terms finding help.

Education and Experience Matters In This Industry

Many years back, the requirements to become a trainer were pretty much non-existent.

So anyone that wanted to become a personal trainer could get some low-level certificate and start training.

In some cases, you would find those that weren’t even certified.

But as the health of individuals become more of a priority, the requirements for becoming a trainer has gotten tighter.

This is especially true if you plan on working for a big box gym. Many require at the very least, you be certified, or are working towards become certified.

To be honest, a certain level of education should be required since you are dealing with people’s health.

Before I became a certified trainer, I had been someone that was into fitness for years. I would even workout with friends to help them get fit.

And it wasn’t until I got certified that I learned I was doing many things wrong. I learned so much about the body and how each part works, it helped me become a more confident trainer.

So don’t think you could just come of the street and start training people. Because people will notice your level of education when it comes to getting them in shape.

You want to make sure you have the confidence when trying to change the lives of others.

Figure Out What Kind Of Trainer You Want To Be: Independent vs Employee

This part is really important for those looking to be trainers. The amount of money you make in your training career will be dependent on which route you choose.

This was a decision I had to make when I eventually became certified as a trainer.

I went through the pros and cons of both, and eventually decided to go as an independent.

The reason being was because I consider myself business minded, and I hated the thought of having to work for someone.

Even though the life of a trainer offers a lot of flexibility.

Also, when I went on interviews with big box gyms, I found out that they didn’t really pay their trainers well.

I knew that I would have to work extremely hard to really make a good income. Not that I didn’t like working hard, but I guess I didn’t like working hard for someone else.

So eventually I decided to go independent, and create my own prices for each session.

Another thing I liked about working for myself was the control I had when it came to creating multiple revenue streams.

I will explain what I mean by multiple revenue streams later in this article.

For now, just know that as an independent trainer, you can do a lot more things in regards to how you earn income.

Compared to working for a gym, where you’re restricted due to your salary. Although a gym is a great place to get started as a newbie in the industry.

Many Prefer Group Training Instead of The One on One Sessions

Let’s be honest, one on one training can be really expensive. Unless you have clientele that is flushed with cash, it can be hard to find clients that can afford you.

Because of this, you are seeing more and more people looking to group classes.

Not only are these group classes fun for many people, they are a lot more cost effective. I can remember starting off doing 1 on 1 training, and realizing this trend.

So I had to find a way to add group training to my resume. I wanted to learn how to get comfortable teaching a group of people.

So I got employed by a kickboxing studio, which is a huge trend in fitness these days. I was super nervous teaching my first class.

But once you get used to it, you find that it’s really easy and fun. So now I could add this skill to my training arsenal.

Think about it, instead of charging one person let’s say $50 for an hour session, you can train like 5-10 people and charge them $20 and make much more.

This is much more affordable for your clients, and will make you more money per hour.

Choose a Niche, and Become an Expert In It

When it comes to health and fitness, it’s easy to think that you should be an expert in everything.

It makes sense right, the more you know, the more money you can make helping people.

It may make sense in theory, but people love experts. People want to know that they can trust the person they’re working with to help solve their problems.

And in order to solve problems, you have to be well informed on the subject matter.

Being informed takes education and a willingness to learn. This type of education requires time and dedication.

And I find it hard for any one person to learn everything that is needed to know when it comes to things like sports, working with the elderly, or youth.

Trying to master so many different clientele can spread you thin as a trainer. So making sure you choose a particular niche and master it will be crucial.

You will also find that this type of focus will allow you to increase your earnings in the long run.

Training Clients Shouldn’t Be Your Only Source Of Income

If you’re not yet familiar with the life of a personal trainer, then it's important to understand that it can be tough.

There are many reason why this is the case, but to sum it up for you, making money can be difficult.

There are factors like location that can make earning decent money tough. Also the uncertainty of your monthly income can leave you stressed when it comes to paying bills.

Obviously clients not showing up, or needing to reschedule plays a huge part in inconsistency of your income.

Another thing that tends to happen to many trainers is the potential of burning out. The more people you train, the more money you can make.

But there is always a concern of burning yourself out, which of course isn’t great for your health.

Knowing all this, it’s important to make sure training isn’t your only source of income. You have to find ways in which you can supplement your personal training business.

This will protect you from months where you have a lot of cancellations or slow months.

If you’re having trouble coming up with some ways in which you can supplement your personal training business, I may have some ideas.

  • Host Boost Camps
  • Provide Personal Workouts and Meal Plans
  • Offer In-home Training
  • Build a Website

These are a few things you can do to create generate more income for yourself. And if you’re creative enough, i’m sure there are a few other ideas you could come up with.

But let me get into the idea of building a website, since it is something I am doing currently that is working very well for my business.

Having a Website Is Crucial In Today’s World Of Technology

If you plan on ever keeping up with the competition, then it only makes sense to have a website.

Now you may be thinking that having a website isn’t necessary for your line of business since the majority of your activity involves training clients.

But remember when I mentioned not relying on just training clients as your only source on income?

Well building a website is a great source to have when creating multiple sources of income. There are over 3 billion people using the internet. 

Having a website allows you to not only services those users, but also create passive income which is crucial as you get older.

You can also continue to train clients while building up your website to help make you money.

And once you’ve built up your website, on months where business is slow with training clients, your site continues to create income for you.

The great thing about having a site is that it never gets burned out from all the visitors it has. It continues to work for you 24/7.

And if you’re making good money with it, there are many ways in which you can scale that income to make even more.

Final Thoughts

Being a personal trainer can be a very rewarding profession. But it’s important to understand that living the life of a trainer can be a real struggle.

Don’t expect to make a lot of money right away, especially if you lack the experience.

However, the fitness industry presents a lot of opportunity for those that are creative and driven to succeed.

There are plenty of paths to take to supplement your income as a personal trainer.Building a website being one of my favorites. 

As long as you have the mentality to treat it as a business, then you will figure out ways in which you can monetize your skill to help people live healthier lives.

So I want to hear from you. Long term, what are you hoping to accomplish as a personal trainer?

Are you looking to be a trainer for the rest of your life, or are you looking for ways to create multiple streams of income?

Please feel free to share your thoughts below.

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