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By Ralph

June 13, 2019


Being a personal trainer can be a tough profession to get started with if you’re new to the fitness industry.

Heck, it can be tough even if you’re a veteran in the game. That’s why it’s important to create multiple revenue streams for any type of business you get into.

One way to do that is with a website.

But for some, building a website can be intimidating. Which is why I've come up with some personal training website ideas to help get you started.

Whether you’re just starting your personal training career, or been at it for a while, the tips I provide in this article should help give you some insight on how to get started.

Remember, the goal for your business is to create more than one revenue stream, and building a website is one of the best ways to do it.

Find Your Target Market

The fitness industry provides you with a bunch of avenues to take in which you can grow your business.

So it’s easy for someone just getting started to try an be a jack of all trades. But that kind of thinking could lead to overthinking and thus burning yourself out.


So when starting your fitness website, it’s important to focus on narrowing the type of website you’re trying to build.

For example, you have muscle building sites, athletic and performance sites. You also have sites that focus on the rehabbing the elderly.

Trying to build a website based on just health and fitness can end up being too broad a topic.

So figure out what you’re most passionate about when it comes to fitness, and focus your website around that.

As you build out your site, you can eventually branch out to other subjects and categories.

But by focusing on something specific in the beginning, you will find yourself attracting more visitors to your site.

Choosing The Right Domain Name For Your Website

Having a domain name is like having your own piece of virtual real estate, except it won’t cost you an arm and a leg to obtain it.

And like housing real estate, you website will increase in value as you build it up.

For a lot of people building a website for the first time, choosing a name for their site can be a struggle.

I can remember when I built out my first website, it probably took me like a week to come up with something I liked.

I wanted to make sure it was catchy so people could remember it after they visited. Also, I wanted to make sure the name had something related to the industry I was working in.

Building a website can be a very personal thing. Building it out and watching it grow is almost like watching your child evolve into an adult.

So it’s understandable why so much pride is taken into coming up with a good name.

But as you gain more experience with creating your own websites, you will learn that the name doesn’t matter as much as you think.

What matters is the type of content you can provide those visiting your site.

Of course if your focus is creating a brand, than coming up with a name that represents you will be important.

I plan on getting into branding a bit later in this article, but for now, let’s on ideas for your fitness site.

As a personal trainer, you will be expected to provide content that is geared towards helping people live a healthier lifestyle.

Whether it be videos of you training someone, or providing fit tips for those learning about health.

If there were any advice to give when it comes to choosing a domain. I would probably recommend a couple of things:

  1. Make sure the domain name isn’t ridiculously long, making it hard to remember
  2. Try to avoid using numbers or dashes in your domain

Other than those two things, the name you choose shouldn’t have much effect on the success on your site.

But I understand for many, the name can be a very personal thing.

So if you’re just getting started, focus on what you’re putting on your site, rather than the name.

And as you get more experience building websites, then you can focus on choosing a name that you can build a strong brand around.

Share In Person Training Sessions On Your Site

When starting a website, the hardest things for many is filling the site with content.

For those that are unfamiliar by the term when it comes to website building, content is things you put on your site to keep your visitors engaged.

This includes things you write, pictures, videos, etc. And in the online world, the two best type of content to fill your site with are written articles and videos.

So as a trainer, you want to focus on those two things when building out your site.

As a trainer, finding videos to post on your site shouldn’t be all that difficult.

In the fitness industry, there are a bunch of ways to get creative when it comes to videos. Some ideas are:

  • Training sessions with your clients
  • Workouts at the gym
  • Outdoor workouts like hiking or jogging

Anything that involves you being active can be great content to put on your site.

But as a personal trainer, many people will be looking to see what kind of trainer you would be. So it makes sense to post training sessions you have with clients.

And if you have clients on the fence about you training them, you could just send them to your site and have them watch videos of you training clients.

This will allow them to get more comfortable with the idea of hiring you as their trainer.

Sell Products/Services Related To Your Niche

If your goal is to be a successful personal trainer, then you need to create multiple streams of revenue.

The reason being is that the income of a personal trainer can be very inconsistent from month to month.

You have clients that cancel or go on vacation, leaving your schedule super light. And if you’re like everyone else, you have bills to pay.

So having to rely on just one source of income can set you up for failure in the long run.

But the great thing about having a website is that you can sell things on your site.

Think about it, you probably recommend tons of things to your clients to help better their health. And more than likely, you don’t receive a dime for it if they end up making a purchase.

By having a website, you can make these recommendations, and receive commissions if someone happens to buy the product you’re promoting.

This type of service is called affiliate marketing.

Promoting products for companies, and getting paid commissions for completing a sale. If you’re not convinced, when was the last time you made a purchase online?

How did you go about making the purchase?

I’m sure you googled “product review,” read the review, liked the review, and then made a purchase.

Well you could do the same exact thing with your fitness site. Recommend products or services related to fitness, and get people to buy them.

This is one of my favorite ways of making money online because it’s so lucrative. You don’t have to hold not one piece of inventory.

All you have to do is promote a product, and provide the reader with enough helpful information to get them to buy.

This can be a great way to supplement your personal training business. Especially during months when it is slow.

Use Tools That Know What People Are Searching For Online

You ever wonder when searching the internet, how google is able to come up with words before you’ve finished typing?

Almost as if google knows exactly what you’re looking for. Well these sentences that are popping up are called keywords.

Keywords are words that not just you are searching for, but thousands of other people surfing the net are searching for as well.

Google records these searches to help make your search experience super easy.

So if google can do this, it only makes sense to think there are tools that can do this as well.

And if you had such a tool, don’t you think it would be easier to help people find what they are looking for?

There are many tools out there, but one tool I use is the Jaaxy keyword research tool. It gives you millions of keywords that internet users are searching for when on google. 

With these keywords, it’s easier for me to come up with article topics to write about on my site.

Being the fitness person you are, you can search for keywords of products or services you want to sell on your site.

You can then write about the product detailing your experience with it, and get your visitors to make a purchase.

Having a tool like this can be very valuable in helping you grow your personal training business.

Get Used To Social Media

Everyone is using social media, so it only makes sense to use this platform as well. Use it as a tool to increase your exposure as a fitness person.

People love sharing videos or articles that they find helpful to them.

So you want to make sure that you create content that makes people want to share it with others they care about.

Whether you use words, pictures, or videos, there is a platform for each type of content.

So on your website, it’s important to make sure you have social share buttons all around your website.

Making it easy for visitors to share any of your content they come across. Because you never know which part of your site goes viral in the social media world.

Think About Creating A Brand

Earlier I spoke about your domain name being a piece of virtual real estate. Over time it will increase in value as you continue to build it out.

So as the value of your site grows, so will your brand.

Your domain is what people will associate with your brand as time goes on. Not only that, but also a logo.

You want to get to a point where people can associate your business to the logo you create.

Just like when you see the apple or Nike logo, you know exactly what they’re about. Building a brand is about building a reputation that people can follow.

Also being an expert in whatever industry your working in.

So when thinking about how you want to build out your website, think about the impression you want to leave on people who visit your site.

Interested In Learning How To Build A Successful Online Business?

I know I through a lot at you at once, but building an online business is something you can learn how to do.

With the right type of training, you can learn how to put all of this together, and build a very successful online fitness business.

Like you, I started off as a personal trainer, but quickly learned that personal training alone wasn’t going to get me to where I wanted to be.

So I had to come up with other ways to make money.

So I created my own health and fitness site, and it now generates me over 10K each month.

I don’t do personal training as much as I used to because of the success I’m having with my online business.

So if you’re looking for ways to supplement your personal training business, and would like to learn how to create your own fitness site, then click here to learn more.

You never know, you could also be on your way to earning 5 figures a month. Trust me, the online world is big enough to make it happen.

Let me hear your thoughts. What kind of personal training website ideas do you have to help grow your business?

Are you struggling with coming up with ideas on how to grow your business? Please share down below.

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