November 10

By Ralph

November 10, 2020


If you’re someone that is looking for ways to make money online, the internet makes searching for that so much easier.

All you have to do is type “make money online” and the amount of ways are endless.

But how do you know which methods are legit or not? Well, you use the internet just like you’re doing now.

You wanted to know if Wiredbucks was a scam, so you typed it in the google search bar, and clicked on a link which led to my site.

So today I plan on reviewing Wiredbucks, and thus providing you with all the info you need to make an informed decision.

After reading this review, you should know if it’s worth it or not.

WiredBucks Review Summary

Product Name: WiredBucks

Founder: Not Disclosed

Product Type:  Get Paid To Influencer Scam

Price to join: Free to Join 

Best For: Those looking to waste time

Summary: Like so many money making schemes, WiredBucks is filled with fake claims for ways to help you make money. All the testimonials, address, and income proofs you see on their website are all fake. There are no easy ways to make money, so don’t let them fool you into thinking there is.

Rating: 5/100

Recommend: No


What Is WiredBucks?

WiredBucks claims that it is the internet's most popular influencer Network that can help you make money doing things you already do daily.

Things like inviting friends, taking surveys, signing up, etc.

Basically all you have to do is complete the task they set for you, and you can earn money.

Now I’m sure this sounds super familiar, because there are so many other programs just like this.

Some were primarily survey sites, and some were networks where you just invite friends.

But one thing they all have in common is that you don’t end up making the money you thought you were, if at all. But please read on.

How Wiredbucks Gets You To Sign up

  1. By making the platform “FREE” to join
  2. By claiming you can earn a lot of money just by performing easy tasks

I could see how you would want to join knowing that it’s free. I mean what’s the harm in trying if there is no financial pain.

Well the pain you will actually feel is your privacy. You see, platforms like this engage in data harvesting.

Where they take personal information like name, email, friends lists, etc. and just like other data harvesting scams, they profit on this information by selling it to other spam businesses.

So what you save in money, you pay for in privacy. But I guess it depends on how much your privacy means to you.

How To Make Money With WiredBucks

Since the goal is to make money, they want to make sure you get started right away.

Now if you’ve ever signed up to other survey sites, then you’ll be pretty familiar with how this all works.

Wiredbucks offers you three different ways in which you can earn income. Those 3 ways are:

  • The Task Wall
  • The Referral System
  • The YouTube Videos

It’s important to know that some of these methods for helping you make money are also ways to harvest your information like I spoke about earlier.

So when it comes to the task wall, they promise that you can make $30 minimum for completing tasks.

Many of these tasks also pay you for giving up your credit card and other personal information.

I’ve even read they offer you a new phone for this information.

When it comes to their referral program, you can get $2 per referral link click, and $10 for each sign up.

You can earn $50 for each YouTube video submission and posting on Social Media. All these methods sound like easy money if you don’t mind giving up your information. 

Signing up and Cashing Out

I’m sure you’re thinking, hey all I have to do is sign up, collect the $25, and cash out. Unfortunately it’s not that simple.

In order to collect that sign up bonus, you first have to meet some conditions. And there are 4 of them. You need to have:

  • At least one YouTube submission
  • X number of referral clicks
  • X number of referral signups
  • X number of tasks on the Task Wall

And once you do all this, you should have about $300 plus the $25 signup bonus. Sounds like good money right?

But it’s when you try to cashout the second time is when you’re caught in the scam.

They will do things like block your account and not respond to you when you try to contact them.

And if someone does happen to respond to you asking why you got blocked, they will say they found illegal activities done on your account.

Activities like fraudulent referral links and signups. And don’t expect and back and forth communication because they will not respond to your emails. 

Why Is WiredBucks Lying?

That’s because what they really want is your personal information. They lure you in with the free signup. Then they say you can make $200 if you complete the tasks. It’s all a ploy to collect your information where they can make more money by selling it.

Even Their FAQ Is Full Of Lies

If you check out the frequently asked questions section of their homepage, you’ll see it’s full of false information.

Wiredbucks claims that its parent company has been in business since 08’ with over 200,000 members, with total earnings over 400 million dollars.

I mean, if you’re going to make claims like this, you should at the very least have verifiable proof. But as I’ve shown earlier, pretty much everything on their site is full of lies.

Who Could Benefit From WiredBucks

Wiredbucks is great for anyone that loves wasting time completing tasks hoping to make a buck. But if you are someone that values your time, then wiredbucks isn’t for you.

What I Like About WiredBucks

I do like that it’s free to join, so you don’t have to worry about losing any money. But other than that, there isn’t much to like about them.

What I Don’t LIke About WireBucks

#1. Personal Information Farming Scheme

The main goal is to get access to your personal information.

You would think doing something as simple entering your name, email, paypal, and other personal info would be harmless. 

But when you realize what’s really being done with your information, you learn quickly it’s all a scam.

#2. Fake Address

All you gotta do is look at their zip code and see that there are 6 numbers instead of 5. Not only that, but the address listed doesn’t even exist.

I looked all over google and couldn’t find any address that matches what they have on their site.

#3. Fake Testimonials

Testimonials are key to validating the trust of any product or service. Which is why WiredBucks has so many of them on their site.

But if you do some digging, you find out that they are completely fake. What makes it even crazier is the fact that the platform started back in April 2020.

So how can they have so many testimonials. The crazy thing is a lot of times it works, because how many people actually verify them?

#4. Fake Proof of Payment

Along with their fake testimonials, they also have fake proof of payments. They either did some fancy editing or just copy and pasted these images to trick people into thinking money is being paid out. I would definitely be suspicious of this.

#5. Copy Of Other Scams

It seems that there are 30 other scams like this one. I find it hard to believe that they aren’t somehow connected.

Another thing a lot of these scam sites are doing is when they fail, they rebrand themselves as another business, doing the same exact scam.

Is WiredBucks A Scam?

There is nothing about Wiredbucks that is legit. They’re like every other influencer site that tries to sucker you into giving up your personal information.

Their testimonials are fake, their proof of income is fake, even the address to their business is fake.

So unless you’re cool with giving up your personal information to be sold on the dark web, then jump right in.

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