Is Webtalk A Scam? Another Social Media MLM?

is webtalk a scam

When it comes to social media platforms, one question many people like to ask is, would you pay for them or not.

The consensus usually is no.  But what if you could make money from it? Would that change your mind?

With Webtalk, they provide you with an opportunity to make money as a member of their platform.

But many wonder if it is legit or not.

So in this review I will be going over what is Webtalk, can you make money from it, and is it a legit business opportunity or not.

WebTalk Review Summary

Product Name: WebTalk

Founder: Robert Garbowicz

Product Type: MLM Social Media Platform

Price to join: $20 to $40 per month 

Best For: Those looking to lose money

webtalk review summary

Summary: Webtalk is an MLM type social media platform. The way you make money is by recruiting and selling their membership programs. As far as I’m concerned, this looks to be a legit platform, however I do question the income opportunity of this business. The reason being, is that the income potential seems to be very low. Plus with other free options like Facebook and Linkden, I see no reason to pay for another social media platform.

Rating: 30/100

Recommend: No


What Is Webtalk?

Webtalk is a social media platform designed for online business owners who are looking to connect with other like minded individuals.

They offer both free and paid monthly service to access their platform.

But what makes Webtalk so interesting is the MLM business model. This is where members can earn commissions by getting others to join the platform. 

Company Overview

While doing my research, it was really difficult to find information on who runs this company. But I was able to find some legal pages that showed a domain name. During my lookup, I was able to find:

  • A domain name “” which was first registered back in 2010, and then renewed in 2018 on the 20th of June.
  • Also, the name Robert Garbowicz was listed as the owner which had the same address that was listed on the legal pages.

What’s interesting is that Robert pops up back in 2010 when he launched YourNight. From the looks of it, it seemed to not go all that well since Webtalk was created the same year.

Webtalk Products

The main product Webtalk has to offer is their social media platform.

Similar to platforms like Facebook and Linkedin, Webtalk allows its members to add friends, share photos, and send messages.

However, there is a limit to some of the things you can do depending on your membership status. If you’re a free user, you will be limited to 50 contacts.

But as a premium member, you are given more access depending on your membership level. Below is a list of their current features:

  • You have control over what you see and share in regards to news
  • Add value to your relationships with searchable tags and notes
  • You can organize your date with their integrated file management

So if you’re interested in increasing your contacts, you will have to sign up to their higher tier membership.

How To Make Money With WebTalk

For those interested in this money making opportunity, their main source of income are commissions.

To be more specific, commissions from getting people to pay for webtalk’s premium plan and other advertising fees.

There are other commission rates, but many of them are unknown. But the rates that are public are as follows:

  • Premium plan pays 10% for any personally referred customers
  • For ad budgets that are spent by personally referred advertisers and local service purchased through Webtalk, you receive 10%.
  • Any app subscription that is sold through WebTalk app store is given 5%

You can also receive residual commissions which are handled through a unilevel structure.

How To Get Started With Webtalk

In order to receive commissions, you will have to sign up to any of the plans listed below. You can get started with WebTalk for as low as $20/month, and it goes up from there.

Pro Level ($20/month or $200/year)

  • 500 contacts
  • 5 messages per month to non-WebTalk members
  • 5 emails
  • Enabled feature to see profile viewers
  • Getting rid of banner ads

Pro Plus ($30/month or $300/year)

  • 1,000 contacts
  • 10 messages
  • 10 emails

Pro Platinum ($40/month or $400/year)

  • Enabled access to profiles without letting the other party know
  • Search profiles
  • Access to unlimited contacts
  • 20 messages
  • 20 emails

Compensation Plan Breakdown

WebTalk has a platform called SocialCPX that manages all the affiliate members sales. Basically the way it works is, you earn money through monthly membership retail sales, and on advertising fees. Here’s how their commission breaksdown:

  • 10% of premium monthly subscription costs that are paid by your personally sponsored WebTalk affiliate members will be paid to you in commissions.
  • 10% of any ad spend that is done by your personally sponsored members will be paid to you in commissions.
  • 10% of any advertised local services that are purchased by your WebTalk members will be paid to you in commissions.
  • 2% to 9% when a product is purchased through the WebTalk news feed will be paid to you in commissions.
  • 5% of all app subscriptions sold via the internal app store will be paid to you in commissions.

Webtalk Residual Commissions

Webtalk also offer residual commissions that are offered through a unilevel MLM compensation plan structure. There are multiple levels you can go through in which you can earn this residual income. Below is a quick breakdown of how your team earns when they become members:

  • 1st Level – This level of your unilevel plan will only have your personally referred members on it.
  • 2nd Level – This level of your unilevel plan will only have members that your personally sponsored members refer into WebTalk.
  • 3rd Level – This level of your unilevel plan will only have members that your 2nd level members refer into WebTalk.

There is a bit of a twist to the amount of people that can take part in WebTalk’s residual commission program. They mention that commissions are only available to the first 1 million members to join the program. And you have to sign up to their paid plans.

What I Like About WebTalk

To be honest, there’s not much to like about this unique social media platform. When it comes to any business opportunity, I like to look at it’s competitors. And with platforms like Facebook and Linkedin dominating the space like they do, I just don’t see how WebTalk can compete.

What I Don’t LIke About WebTalk

#1. Suspect System

Other than the fact that I don’t like how MLM businesses work, I just don’t see how WebTalk is sustainable.

Mainly because why would anyone spend money on a social media platform, when you have a variety of free ones available.

Facebook allows you to connect with friends and family for free. And Linkedin allows you to connect with business professional also for free.

#2. Still In Beta Testing

From what I’ve read is that WebTalk is still in testing mode so they are not yet ready to pay out commissions.

But the funny thing is, they are still accepting money for people to join and become members.

What happens when those that join recruit people to also join, will they retro pay them for their referrals?

Not a lot of details are given to answer such questions, therefore it’s hard for me to have confidence in their program.

#3. Not A lot Of Earning Potential

Regardless if the program was ready to launch, I find it hard to think this business opportunity would provide decent income.

Their commission rates are considered very low at 10% so what’s the incentive to recruit.

Not only that, but there’s also the obstacle of actually convincing people to sign up to another social media platform.

I can almost guarantee that people will look at you crazy when you ask them they have to pay to join another social media platform.

Especially when there are free and more reputable platforms available.

Is Webtalk A Scam?

I’m not a fan of how this platform works, but I must say that it is definitely not a scam. It is a legitimate business opportunity that does offer compensation.

However, there’s no way I could in good conscious recommend anyone take part in this business.

The fact that the income potential is so low, there are definitely better ways in which you can earn a full time income.

Also, it’s still in beta testing, so it’s hard to figure out how long they will be testing for. If I were you, I wouldn’t care to find out.

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