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December 16, 2020


There are 3 niches that continue to make money regardless of where we are as a society. Health, Wealth, and Relationships.

People are always looking for ways to live longer, make more money, and improve relationships with people they care about.

This is why we continue to see MLMs that operate in the health and wellness niche. One company in particular is Vida Divina.

A health and wellness business opportunity for those looking to make money.

But you’re probably wondering if they are legit or not. Well in this review, I plan on going over everything you need to know about Vida Divina.

Things like their background information, cost to join, and what kind of compensation you will receive as a member.

After reading, you will have a better idea if this business is worth it or not.

Vida Divina Review Summary

Product Name: Vida Divina

Founders: Armand Puyolt

Business: Healthy and Wellness MLM

Price to join: $135 - $1,360

Best For: No one

Summary: Vida Divine is a Multi Level Marketing business that operates in the health and wellness niche.

They offer a wide variety of products that focus on helping people live a healthier lifestyle.

They have an endless selection of dietary supplements that include meal replacement drinks, teas, coffee, skincare products, etc.

They even have treats for dogs that are herb-infused.

They also have an opportunity for those looking to earn extra cash. Despite all this, success in this business will be difficult.

That’s because most people who join fail at making money with MLMs.

Rating: 45/100

Recommend: No


What Is Vida Divina?

Vida Divina is a health and wellness company that claims to provide world class health products.

With their products, they hope to help people achieve optimal health that can be sustained for a lifetime.

Products like TeDinva which is their flagship product, is designed to support balance of your body.

Other products include dietary supplements, skin-care treatment, and even doggy treats.

And if you’re wondering what ingredients are in these products, you will find Tongkat Ali, reishi (Gandoderma lucidum, cordyceps, Ginkgo Biloba, and much more.

Not only does Vida Divina offer products, but they also offer an opportunity to build financial freedom.

By allowing you to become a member of their organization and sell their products.

The business model is of the MLM structure, so expect to earn by either recruiting people into the business, or selling products.

Located in Ontario, California.

The company was founded in 2016 by Armand Puyolt, and is registered and accredited by the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating.

Does Vida Divina Operate Like A Pyramid Scheme?

I know it’s easy to come across an MLM business and immediately call it a pyramid scheme.

But there is a certain criteria that must be met in order to call any MLM business a scheme. The most important criteria is the way money is earned.

If the company you’re considering joining emphasizes recruiting to a point where that’s all you do, then this is a huge indicator that you’re dealing with a pyramid scheme.

The reason being is that if your business model is built on recruiting people into the business in order to get paid, eventually someone will be left holding the bag.

If one person decides to stop giving money, then the whole pyramid collapses.

Therefore, to avoid being called a pyramid scheme, along with recruiting, you have to also have products to sell.

So when looking at Vida Divina, they have a plethora of products available to purchase. Therefore they are legit and do not operate as a pyramid scheme.

Even though their business model is that of an MLM structure where recruiting is a main part of earning income.

Why So Many People Fail With MLM’s

The one thing you need to understand about MLMs is that they prey on those that lack business knowledge.

Even though they provide you with training and structure, most people fail due to lack of business skills.

Being successful in business requires sales skills, understanding customers, and sacrifice.

The fact that you’re jumping into a business you had no hand in creating, shows that you haven't put in the sweat equity to understand how to run a successful business.

Now it’s not to say that you can’t find success in running a business that you didn’t start. I mean look at all the franchises like Starbucks and McDonalds.

There are plenty of people that had no hand in building those businesses, but are finding success with it.

But those are very rare situations. There are so many people that join MLMs and quit within a year.

There’s a reason for that.

So you’re better off building something of your own, where you develop a level of passion and have a better understanding of who your customers are.

Rather than jumping into someone else's business where you’re just doing the work for them helping them get rich.

Getting Started With Up2Give

How Much To Join Vida Divina?

In order to become an independent affiliate of Vida Divina, you have to purchase a starter package.

The Basic package will cost you $135, and their Popular package will cost $340.

They also have a Premium package that will cost you $680. With their most expensive package which is the Vida Divina Supreme costing $1360.

Vida Divina Compensation Plan

Team Commissions

Team commissions is a progressive binary compensation plan. Without having to sponsor anyone on your team, this gives you additional volume.

This will allow you to place members anywhere within your organization. In order to qualify for this commission level, you have to have at least 120 PV and be active.

You also have to have one sponsored affiliate in both your left and right legs. You would have had to recruit this member personally.

Accelerated Team Bonus

If you’re able to achieve the set personal volume requirement by the 7th of every month, you’ll earn a 5% accelerated team bonus.

This type of commission is added to an affiliate’s basic binary payout, and you must be qualified first.

Retail Sales Commission

This is where you earn commission for selling Vida Divina products.

You have to purchase the products at retail where you can sell them on the Vida replicated website.

You will be credited with the difference automatically.

Fast Track Bonus

If you’re able to enroll affiliates to Vida Divina within the first several weeks of your membership, you can earn a fast track bonus.

You will first have to purchase a package in order to qualify.

The bonus is paid every week and can reach up to 70% which is a pretty good split.

Below is a quick list of the percentage breakdown for what Preferred customers will earn:

  • Rose Gold - 50%
  • Platinum - 55%
  • Sapphire - 60%
  • Ruby - 60%
  • Emerald - 62%
  • Diamond - 64%
  • Diamond - 66%
  • Double Diamond - 68%
  • Triple Diamond - 69%
  • Crown Diamond - 70%

Check Match Bonus

You can reach the Silver rank by unlocking the 7 Level Check Match. This will earn you a 50% check match bonus based on binary pay of the sponsored affiliate you personally recruited.

Rank Advancement Bonus

This is where you get rewarded for climbing the ranks of Vida Divina. The lowest rank which is Silver, gets you 250 star coins.

The highest rank which is Crown Diamond gets you 20,000 star coins.

Lifestyle Rewards

If you’re able to reach a certain PV or ranking, you get the chance to attend the Leadership Summit or Pearl Retreat.

There’s also an opportunity to get entered into the Mercedes Benz Program by getting the Jade Reward.

Not only that, but you can get an all-expense paid trip to a luxury destination.

Presenter Bonus

If you help another partner sign up for a new affiliate, you can earn a 20% bonus along with purchasing the starter package.

Vida Divina Products

TeDivina Tea

This is their Flagship product that was created by Dr. Ramos herself.

There is a blend of 12 Certified Organic herbs that are meant to cleanse your mind and body.

This tea can also detoxify your body with its infused with 100% Certified organic Reishi.

And for those that worry about caffeine intake, know that there is none with this tea. 

Cafe Divina

For all the coffee lovers out there, Vida offers a wide variety of different flavors.

You will find Black, Cappuccino, Hot Chocolate, Hazelnut Latte, Latte, Sculpt Latte, Mocha, Sculpt Black, Tongkat Ali, Black and Green Tea.

Each box contains 20 individual packets.


For those that are into working out and are trying to lose weight, Vida has meal replacement shakes.

You can find it in 3 different flavors like Vanilla, Chocolate, and Strawberry. You will find essential proteins plus antioxidants that are necessary for long term health.

And if you’re someone that is concerned about the health of your gut, you will be happy to know that there are also probiotics.


You will also find a variety of dietary supplements Vida has to offer. 

Below is a list of them all:

  • CX/90 food sprinkles
  • Atom capsules
  • Brain capsules
  • Cheat capsules
  • Cordy capsules
  • Gano capsules
  • HCG capsules
  • Ignite capsules
  • Life capsules
  • Mars tablets
  • Ouch capsules
  • Ripped capsules
  • Sight capsules
  • Sleep N Lose capsules
  • Time capsules
  • Venus capsules
  • Youth capsules

Vida Essentials

This includes the Liquid Gold skin serum, Vida Divina cream Foundation, and Liquid Lipstick. For the Liquid Lipstick, it is available in Allure, Delicate, Divine, Enchantment, and Passion.

What I Like About Vida Divina

Massive product list

There aren’t too many MLM businesses that offer such an extensive list of products. The fact that they launched back in 2016 makes it even more impressive.

TeDivina, which is their Flagship product, is perfect for those that love tea (including me).

And for those that can’t live without having a cup of coffee in the morning, will love their selection of coffee products.

There’s a good amount of different flavors to choose from so i’m sure you will have no trouble finding your favorite flavor.

Even if you have customers that love to exercise and are looking to either lose weight or build muscle.

They have meal replacements that can assist with that.

BBB rating

I’ll admit that Vida Divina is one of the few companies that I’ve seen with an A+ rating on the BBB website.

This tells people that you are dealing with a company that cares about its reputation.

What I Don’t LIke About Vida Divina

How effective are their dietary supplements

As someone who used to be a personal trainer, you have to be careful when it comes to dietary supplements.

You never know how effective they truly are. What works for one person, doesn’t always work for another.

Business model

There are plenty of MLM companies that try to capitalize on the health and wellness niche.

Companies like Herbalife, Amway, and Forever living, are some of the most common MLMs in this industry.

But as lucrative a business it may be, that is not the case for most people who get into it.

That’s because most people lack business skills, and are getting into a business where the people who benefit the most are those at the top.

Is Vida Divina A Scam?

It’s definitely not a scam. There is an abundance of products to sell, which makes them very legit.

However, I still wouldn’t recommend anyone join the business. That’s because more than likely you will fail.

Not only that, but there are better ways in which you can make money.

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