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By Ralph

December 23, 2020


They say that money is in the list.

Meaning that you can collect emails from those visiting your site, you have access to people who may be willing to purchase your products.

But in order to collect these lists, you need the right tools. One company that claims to have the tools to get the job done is TrafficWave.

But you’re probably wondering if they are a scam or not.

Well in this review I plan on going over everything you need to know about this company like their background information, cost to get started, and the benefits of implementing this software into your business.

You’ll have a pretty good idea if this tool is for you or not after you’re done. So let’s get started shall we.

TrafficWave Review Summary

Product Name: TrafficWave

Founders: Stephen Hambright and Brian Rooney

Product Type: Email Autoresponder Platform

Price to join: $17.99/month

Best For: Those search for an autoresponder they can afford

Summary: TrafficWave is both an email marketing management system, and an autoresponder software.

Giving you best of both worlds in the internet marketing world. It is designed to help small to medium sized companies.

It does have an affiliate program that can earn you some money, and is very affordable compared to other systems.

However, if you’re looking for this to create full time income for you, then you may be disappointed.

It’s probably better served as a compliment to your business rather than the main driver.

Rating: 55/100

Recommend: No


What Is TrafficWave

When it comes to developing autoresponders and creating email marketing campaigns, TrafficWave seems like a company that can hold its own.

Their systems allow their clients to perform all sorts of tasks like sending newsletters, systems information, special offers, and other promotional materials that can help clients with growing their business.

They have clients that are located in over 140 countries around the world.

From small to medium size, TrafficWave looks to give their clients the best product on the market.

Or so they claim. They also claim that their autoresponders are both effective and affordable.

 To make sure they are providing the best technology available, they work with internet service providers in many different countries.

Ethics when it comes to email marketing strategies is one of the biggest keys to their success.

So when it comes to email marketing, what is it that TrafficWave can do for your business?

Well the obvious answer you would hope is managing a large list of emails. Which is what TrafficWave claims it can do.

And regardless of the size, clients do not have to worry about their monthly subscription rates increasing.

If you’re wondering if you can collect both basic and full personal information, then the answer is yes. But it depends on your business needs.

They even provide detailed analysis of your email marketing campaign. Stats like open and click through rates.

You can also create opt-in forms right on your own website.

TrafficWave provides you a variety of templates to choose from that can help optimize your email marketing strategies.

As technology advances and some people start moving past email, TrafficWave also has a text message feature.

You can send clients simple text messages along with HTML messages.

Another great thing about TrafficWave is that the technology is easy to use since there is no downloading or installation necessary.

And if you run into any issues, there is customer support that is available to assist you when needed.

Using the software is very intuitive which is great for those that may not be tech savvy.

For those that are concerned with security, Traffic claims that all clients' information are fully protected.

Systems are always up to date where clients have access to their account whether they are home or away.

Compensation Plan

If you’re looking to introduce another revenue source into your business, TrafficWave provides affiliate opportunities for it’s customers.

In order to earn commissions from TrafficWave, all you have to do is promote their email marketing technology and management systems.

To provide even more motivation, TrafficWave offers four different ways for you to earn commissions and bonuses as an affiliate. 

Below is a list of these commissions and bonuses:

Weekly FAst Track Bonuses

Every time you’re able to bring someone new to TrafficWave, you receive a bonus.

This bonus is usually paid every week, and can be earned as often as you want. The amount you receive can go up as much as 100% of your total sales revenue. 

Monthly Residual Commissions

Comparable to an MLM (Multi Level Marketing), you can earn commissions for what your team does as members.

Because TrafficWave operates on a 3X10 commission structure, you can have 3 members on your team on your first level, and another 9 on your second level.

There are exactly 10 levels that can be reached. Once you reach this level, you are at its maximum for this commission structure.

Residual commissions are given monthly and are structured as followed according to the levels:

I.) Surfer

In order to qualify, you must have referred at least one customer.

Surfer commissions are paid monthly, and the customer needs to maintain active status consistently.

As a Surfer affiliate, you will be paid down to three levels.

II.) Tidalwave

Receiving this commission requires you to enroll at least 5 new team members, and they need to be active as a TrafficWave subscriber. Commissions are paid down to five levels deep.

III.) Tsunami

Qualifying for this commission requires you to enroll at least five new teams members.

Again, they have to remain active as a TrafficWave subscriber. There are five levels deep that this commission can be paid down to.

Leadership Bonuses

The only way to qualify for leadership bonuses is by reaching either Tidalwave or Tsunami levels. 

As a member of Tidalwave level, you are qualified to receive a 25% leadership bonus as you have at least one active referred sale in the current month.

You also need to have active referred sales from the previous month.

There is an additional 25% bonus that is equal to the monthly regular commission that team members who you’ve referred can earn.

As long as they have reached Tidalwave level or below, they can qualify for the bonus.

If you are at the Tsunami level, you can qualify to receive a 50% leadership bonus as long as one referred member is active in a sale for the currency month, plus the previous month.

And just like Tidalwave, Tsunami members can receive an additional 50% bonus that is equal to the monthly regular commissions earned by active members on your team.

But make sure they are Tidalwave level or below.

Guaranteed Traffic Commissions

TrafficWave has sales that are considered “guaranteed visitors.” If any of your sales is given this title, as an affiliate you earn a 10% commission.

These are paid regularly every month along with monthly regular commissions.

The Creator Of TrafficWave

The person behind this technology is Stephen Hambright and Brian Rooney. They created TrafficWave back in 2000.

Not only is Brian Rooney the President of TrafficWave, but he also owns a home-based mentor business.

As for Stephen, not only is he the co-owner and CTO of Trafficwave, but he’s also an independent consultant/contractor.

Based in Spring, Texas, the company has a pretty solid reputation as their BBB rating has zero complaints attached to them. 

How Much Does It Cost

Earlier I mentioned that the TrafficWave software is very affordable. Especially when you compare it to other email marketing tools on the market.

That’s because many of them charge you based on the amount of subscribers you have.

However, TrafficWave keeps their price fixed regardless of how many subscribers you have. TrafficWave will cost you $17.99 per month for a subscription.

What I Like About TrafficWave

Affordable and flat-rate subscription fee

Other email marketing tools can double or even triple in cost depending on how many subscribers you add.

But with TrafficWave, your cost will always be $17.99 regardless of how many subscribers you add to your list.

This is a huge savings to your business as you continue to grow.

Free 30 day trial

It’s comforting knowing that there is a time period for you to try out a system to see if you like it.

With TrafficWave, they give you 30 days to see if the system will work for you and your business.

Although this may be a problem for those without any traffic to their site since that takes time to develop.

But if you’re someone that already has a good amount of traffic coming in, 30 days should be more than enough to learn if TrafficWave works for your business or not.

What I Don’t LIke About TrafficWave

The number of affiliates you can recruit will be limited

When deciding if TrafficWave is right for your business, figuring out the ways you can create revenue is key.

Based on TrafficWave’s recommendations, the type of businesses that could be affiliates include hotel owners, restaurant owners, consultants, publishers, and many more.

However, your available recruits are somewhat limited since there are only so many of these businesses around your area.

How many of them are even familiar with email marketing and how it can help improve their business.

And since your compensation is based on the activity of those you refer, how do you make sure they stay active?

I just find it difficult to scale this service efficiently.

Low earnings potential

If you’re looking for TrafficWave to help you earn full time income, then it’s best you look somewhere else.

At best this is a way to earn some side money every month. But I just don’t see this as life changing money.

Is TrafficWave A Scam?

TrafficWave is definitely a legit company that can help any business person with a small to medium sized company.

If you’re looking for a tool that does the basic function such as sending out emails and managing email marketing campaigns, then this will work.

But if you’re looking for this as a way to earn full time income, then I recommend you look elsewhere.

TrafficWave is not built to sustain you financially. It is built to help complement your business. 

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