Is Tradera A Scam? What Is Tradera?

Here I am back at it again with the latest forex MLM called Tradera.

You’re here right now because someone probably approached you about joining, and you're wondering if it’s another scam or not.

Well I’m glad you stopped by, because my goal is to present to you everything you need to know about this company.

From it’s background information, cost to join, and how they plan on compensating for your hard work.

After going through this review, you will know right away if this business opportunity is right for you or not.

Tradera Review Summary

Product Name: Tradera

Founder: Unknown

Product Type: Multi-Level Marketing

Price to join: $15 every 28 days, $98 subscription for client product (optional)

Best For: No one

Summary: Tradera is another Multi-Level Marketing company where you can make money in Forex Signals. But there are a few things that give me cause for pause. The biggest thing is not disclosing who actually founded the business. I think it’s important for people to know this information so they can understand who they’re getting into business with.

Rating: 45/100

Recommend: No


Frequently Asked Questions

1.) What is Tradera?  Tradera is just another MLM promising you an opportunity to make money in the forex niche.

The company was created back in August of 2019, but there doesn't seem to be any information on who founded the company. 

2.) How do you make money with them? From my research, it looks like there are two ways in which you can earn income from this company.

The first way is using their products and making a nice profit of what you sell.

The other way is by recruiting people into the business, and developing your downline.

By building up your downline, this is where you can earn your commission based on their activity.

3.) What are the red flags? When it comes to compliance, Tradera seems to do a great job compared to other MLMs I’ve reviewed.

However, one of the most important things all companies should do is disclose who owns the company.

I’ve looked all over their site, and I couldn’t locate the founder's name anywhere. This to me is a very huge red flag.

Also, from searching their address, they seem to have a PO box in Texas.

If you’re a business and you have a PO box, this raises too many questions. I would bet that this country is actually located outside of the US. 

Does Tradera Operate Like A Pyramid Scheme?

Surprisingly no. Trust me, I am quick to call out a pyramid scheme when I see one.

But in order to call something a pyramid scheme, you first have to understand how they operate.

Usually there is someone at the top of the pyramid, and below are those also looking to build their own pyramid.

If this is the only way in which a company allows you to earn income, without having any products to sell, then most likely it’s a pyramid scheme.

But with Tradera, there are actually products to sell.

Also, they require you to have at least 55% retail customers in your downline if recruiting is something you’re interested in doing.

So you can’t just go and bring people on your team who're only interested in recruiting others into the business.

They want you finding retail customers who are not trying to recruit. This can be a great way of stopping pyramid schemes from forming.

Why So Many People Fail With MLMs?

I’ll be honest, when it comes to forex, my knowledge is limited. But when it comes to MLMs, I have plenty of experience with it.

That’s because not only have I tried many myself, but I know of friends and family members who have tried and failed.

The reason being is that many underestimate the level of effort that is needed to succeed in it.

For one, in order to be successful in this type of business, you have to be able to recruit dozens of people.

More than likely you don’t know that many people who are looking to join.

And remember that when it comes to Tradera, at least 55% of your downline have to be retail customers.

Another thing is, recruiting people requires a lot of effort.

And those who are successful in business are able to earn income while they sleep, which can easily be done using a website.

Attracting thousands of visitors to your site is much easier than trying to recruit 1000 people.

This is why I like to focus my efforts on building online businesses rather than building an MLM business. But that’s just me. 

Getting Started With Tradera

How Much To Join Tradera?

It’s going to cost you about $15 every 28 days if you want to join as an affiliate of Tradera.

They also offer a client subscription which is about $99. But you don’t have to choose this one if you don’t want to.

There’s also a way to get a free client subscription if you reach first rank of Founder.

Which is maintaining 3 retail customers who bought a client subscription. However you can lose the free client subscription if you rank up.

Tradera Compensation Plan

I’ll be honest, most MLM compensation plans are complicated as heck. But surprisingly, Tradera is pretty straightforward and easy to comprehend.

There are only 6 pages compared to the 30 plus pages other MLM companies have when explaining their compensation plan. 

Below is a breakdown:

Affiliate Ranks

Tradera has 9 different ranks for you to climb, and depending on your rank will determine how much you make.

  • Founder (sell and maintain 3 client subscriptions)
  • Knight (sell and maintain 3 client subscriptions and have 10 members in your downline)
  • Noble (sell and maintain 3 client subscriptions and have 25 members in your downline)
  • Bishop (sell and maintain 3 client subscriptions and have 75 members in your downline)
  • Duke/Duchess (sell and maintain 3 client subscriptions and have 200 members in your downline)
  • Prince/Princess (sell and maintain 3 client subscriptions and have 500 members in your downline)
  • King/Queen (sell and maintain 3 client subscriptions and have 1000 members in your downline)
  • Emperor/Empress (sell and maintain 3 client subscriptions and have 2000 members in your downline)
  • Legend (sell and maintain 3 client subscriptions and have 500 members in your downline)

In order to achieve this, you have to have a 4:4:2 split for each leg, and have 3 unilevel legs.

For example: in order to reach let's say the Knights rank, you have to have at least 25 members spread across three unilevel legs, along with a 10:10:5 split.

And remember, 55% of your members have to be retail customers. Below is your earnings potential based on your ranking: 

  • Founder gets $125 per week
  • Knights get $125 per week 
  • Nobles get $250 per week
  • Bishops get $500 per week
  • Dukes/Duchesses get $1,250 per week
  • Princes/Princesses get $2,500 per week
  • Kings/Queens get $5,000 per week
  • Emperors/Empresses get $12,500 per week 
  • Legends get $25,000 per week

Tradera Products

With most Forex MLM opportunities I’ve reviewed, most of them offer some investment options.

Allowing you to earn some sort of passive income.

The problem with this is that in order to do this, a company needs to be registered with the SEC or some regulatory body within the specific country.

This is done to make sure companies can prove they are earning revenue.

Businesses that fail to do this are usually made out to be ponzi schemes.

And if you’re someone that is promoting these offers, it can be deemed illegal since they are unregistered securities.

The great thing about Tradera is that it doesn’t seem to be one of these ponzi type schemes. They don’t have you invest in anything promising to get you a return.

Instead they’re product selection consists of:

  • Educational material
  • Trade alerts
  • Market forecasts
  • Signals
  • Analysis

Now I’m not gonna act like I know everything when it comes to Forex. A matter of fact, I don’t know anything about it.

However, I do know about MLMs, and also starting home based businesses.

So if you have any questions when it comes to either types of businesses, I’m your guy. But I would recommend you go somewhere else for Forex information.

What I Like About Tradera

It’s a rarity I find anything to like about MLMs, but with Tradera, I was able to find a couple of things.

Incentivized not to build a pyramid

Because Tradera requires that 55% of your downline are retail customers, there’s no motivation to just focus on recruiting. This is usually the downfall of a lot of MLMs.

They have no products to sell, therefore your only path to earn income is through recruiting.

Costs very little to join

There are very few MLMs that cost so little to join. Some could easily cost you thousands of dollars just to get started.

For it to be only $25 every 28 days, I would say that’s pretty good.

What I Don’t LIke About Tradera

Lack of trust

I have no Idea who the owner is, and for me, that is a huge no no.

I like to research who the founder is just to get an idea of their past history in starting businesses.

That’s because I’ve been seeing a lot of owners starting one business, failing, then opening up the same business under a different name.

For me this is important because I want to know who I’m working with.

Fake Address:

Any business that is using a PO box as their address, I automatically see you as suspect. It makes me wonder what Tradera is trying to hide.

And that is never a good thing when looking to invest in a company.

Is Tradera A Scam?

It’s hard for me to say if Tradera is a scam or not.

But the fact that they are not disclosing who owns the company, along with having a PO box, makes me question.

However, I do like that their business model isn’t focused just on recruiting like other MLMs are.

So instead of making any claims about being a scam or not, I’ll just give you a recommendation.

And I would not recommend anyone join this company because I don’t believe many can find success in it.

Earlier I mentioned the difficulty in succeeding with MLMs, so it’s best to just avoid them all together.

Making money requires education and proper systems. This is what helped me in building my own business.

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