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December 8, 2020


If you’re thinking about what industry to get into to make money, beauty and cosmetics wouldn’t be a bad choice.

Just look at Kylie Jenner and how she built up her cosmetic brand to help her become a billionaire.

That’s because women tend to be huge consumers when it comes to beauty and wellness products.

Because of this opportunity, you’re thinking about starting your own business in this niche.

To be more specific, you’re thinking about joining a company called Seacret Direct. But you’re not sure if it is a scam or not.

Well in this review, I plan on going over everything you need to know about this company.

Things like background information, cost to join, and what you can expect when joining this business opportunity.

So let’s get into it!

Seacret Direct Review Summary

Product Name: Seacret Direct

Founders: Ben Shabat

Business Model: MLM

Price to join: $49 registration fee + $50 to upgrade the product kit + $49 annual fee

Best For: No one

Summary: Seacret Direct is another beauty and wellness MLM with expensive products that will be extremely difficult to sell.

They also encourage its distributors to recruit people into the business to earn commissions.

Chances of you succeeding in this business is very low. That’s because Multi level marketing business models aren’t built for success.

The only people that profit are those at the top who started the company.

Rating: 25/100

Recommend: No


What Is Seacret Direct?

When it comes to beauty and health care products, what separates one product from the other are its ingredients.

So when it comes to Seacret Direct, their selling point is that their products contain minerals from the Dead Sea.

Seacret Direct promotes most of its products around nutrition, skincare and hair care.

Based in Arizona, it was founded by Ben Shabat and his brother back in 2001.

What’s amazing is that the company started as a small retail shop and was able to successfully scale into 900 different locations.

Seacret is a B2C company, meaning they sell directly to consumers instead of companies.

If you’re interested in becoming an agent, you must first become a member of Seacret Direct.

Where there is a monthly quota that must be met.

Seacret Direct currently has over 40,000 independent marketing executives around the world selling their beauty products.

So clearly people are interested in what they have to sell.

Does Seacret Direct Operate Like A Pyramid Scheme?

Like most people that are presented an opportunity to join an MLM, you automatically think that the business is a pyramid scheme.

That’s because more than likely, someone is trying to recruit you to join the pyramid so that you can help build their structure which can look like a pyramid.

But for a business to be a pyramid scheme, it takes more than just the recruiting aspect.

Fortunately for you, Seacret Direct is not considered a pyramid scheme.

The reason being, Seacret Direct doesn’t just rely on recruiting to make money.

If all you were asked to do to make money was recruit, then you would be dealing with a pyramid scheme.

But because Seacret also allows you to earn money by selling products, this makes them a legit MLM business.

However, just because they are not a scam, it doesn’t mean that it’s a great company to start your business with.

And I say this because when it comes to MLMs, the people at the top tend to benefit the most.

You would have to work extremely hard to generate the income those at the top are making.

Not that I’m against hard work, but I like hard work that pays off efficiently. Plus the business model is built for you not to succeed.

But I’ll get into that in the next paragraph.

Why So Many People Fail With MLM’s

To be truly successful in this type of business, you have to recruit people that will help you sell products.

Can you go about it yourself, sure, but you would be picking the least efficient way to make money.

Making money is about finding leverage, and using that leverage to help you make more money.

So the best way to do this is by bringing people onto your team, and coaching them up to sell Seacret Direct products.

The issue you will eventually run into is recruiting enough people to sell these products.

So not only will you struggle to sell products, but you will most likely struggle to find people who have the same motivation as you.

And even if you do find some people, more than likely they will struggle to sell products.

The thing is, the people at the top know this, but they already have their money just by you registering to be part of the team.

Whatever you sell is just a bonus for them.

Getting Started With Seacret Direct

How Much To Join Seacret Direct?

I always wonder why MLMs continue to be popular in today's world. Why people would rather start an MLM, than building a business the more traditional way.

But when I think about it, I can see why this is the case.

MLMs tend to be a lot more affordable, and you don’t need a lot of capital to get started. But to be honest, Seacret can be quite expensive.

Their products are not cheap, which is key to you building a successful business.

If you plan on being a non-active member, you will have to pay a registration fee of $49. And no this does not include products.

This is what they call the “Customer Program” membership, where you will receive a 60% discount on every purchase made.

They also have a 5-in-5 Agent Kit that will cost you an additional $50.

And in order to remain an active member, there are quotas that you will have to meet each month.

One of those quotas being a purchase requirement of 200 products per week and maintaining 4 active lines.

Regardless of your membership, there is a $49 annual fee, and this doesn’t even include the cost of products you will eventually have to sell.

Now some may see this as a cost of doing business. But others may see it as a hit to their pocket book.

That will be something you have to decide for yourself.

Seacret Direct Compensation Plan

If you’re familiar with MLMs, then you know how confusing their compensation plans can be. Well Seacret Direct made sure to keep that stereotype going.

They have a bunch of complex terms, rankings and charts that are supposed to help explain how you get compensated.

But in reality, it's just meant to confuse you so that you don’t ask questions.

If you want to be one of the bold ones, you can take a look at their compensation plan here.

What you really need to know are listed below:

1.) Retail Commissions

This is a pretty standard way of earning your commissions. Retail commissions are based on direct sales you make to customers.

Your profit will be the price you sell the products for minus the wholesale price of the product.

There are also rankings where your commission will be based on what rank you are. The higher your rank, the more money you can earn.

2.) Recruitment Commissions

When you recruit new people to join the business and also have them purchase a starter pack, you earn a recruitment commission.

If you can sell a 5 in 5 starter pack, you can earn $20. If you can sell a WOW starter pack, you will earn $50.

If you sell a professional starter pack, that will earn you $150. And keep in mind that these earnings are all in the second level ranking. 

If you achieve third ranking or higher, you can expect to double your commissions as stated above.

3.) Residual Commissions

This is where you hope to make the majority of your money since the expectation is others will be doing the work for you.

Each sale your recruit makes, you will earn a commission based on a binary structure model.

As you build out your downline, the goal is to have both a left leg, and a right leg. How much you make will depend on your rank and the ranking of those below you. 

Commission Qualifications

One thing that you may find annoying are the quotas that need to be met in order to earn your commissions.

Below are the three things you need in order to qualify for the commissions:

1.) Purchase 35 PV work of products every month

2.) Generate 200 GV each week or

3.) Generate or maintain at least four VIP or Elite retail customers

Extra Bonus

There are always other ways to make money which usually come in bonuses. But you need to achieve quite a few different levels in order to receive these bonuses.

There are car bonuses, rank achievement bonuses, matching bonuses, and many more. These do take a while to achieve, so don’t get caught up too much in them.

Seacret Direct Products

Like I mentioned earlier, most of Seacret Direct product ingredients are made with minerals from the Dead Sea.

They are naturally made to help care for the skin, but they also have beauty care products, hair products, and nutrition products.

Below are some of what Seacret Direct has to offer:

(insert pics)

For $80 per bottle, you can get the Pure Salt Cleanse & Polish Wash. But for $100, you can get the Mud Mask and Face Cream all at retail price.

What I Like About Seacret Direct

High Quality Products - products that are made with natural ingredients are always in high demand.

The fact that they make most of their products with minerals from the Dead Sea, makes you feel good about your purchase.

Potential for Passive Income - because of the quality of their products. There is potential to earn passive income from your downline being able to sell.

Assuming you can build a healthy downline, there is potential for great things.

Solid Reputation - from what I’ve seen, the company has pretty good feedback from those who have joined.

Their products are good quality, and the compensation plan definitely competes with other legit MLMs.

This could make selling their products a bit easier due to their solid reputation.

What I Don’t LIke About Seacret Direct

Products Are Expensive - with high quality ingredients come high prices. Because of the prices, you will more than likely be hitting up a certain demographic.

People that are willing to give up the cash or high quality products.

But if you’re not able to find these types of customers, you might find yourself struggling to survive in the business.

Not So Happy Employees - It seems that some former employees have a negative view of Seacret Direct.

I can only guess that pay was low, or the work environment wasn’t up to par. This could be a sign of how they treat those that are putting the work for them.

Fierce Competition - not only will you be competing with the likes of Kylie Jenner, but also other MLM companies selling beauty products.

So if you plan on succeeding at this, just know that you will have to grind your butt off.

Is Seacret Direct A Scam?

My personal opinion is I don’t think Seacret Direct is a scam, but I still wouldn’t recommend you jump on the business opportunity.

That’s because it will be really difficult to succeed in it.

Not only will you have to sell their very expensive products, but you will also need to recruit others into the business if you expect to make good money.

And I just don’t see that happening. Not because I don’t believe you won’t put in the work, but the business model has a very low success rate.

I would prefer that you build up your own business from scratch. This will guarantee that you benefit the most from all your hard work.

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