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December 11, 2020


Two of the most popular niches when it comes to MLMs are health and wellness, and beauty and cosmetics.

These two industries are absolute juggernauts in the MLM game.

Because of this fact, many MLMs tend to recruit others to join the business and capitalize on this popularity.

One company in particular is PM International.

Not only are they involved in the health and wellness niche, but also beauty and cosmetics. Making them one of the largest MLMs in the world.

But are they legit? Well in this review, I plan on going over everything you need to know about PM International.

Things like their background information, cost to join, and how you will be compensated if you decide to join.

By the end of this review, you will have a better idea if this business opportunity is for you or not.

PM International Review Summary

Product Name: PM International

Founders: Rolf Sorg

Product Type: Health and Wellness/Beauty and Cosmetics MLM

Price to join: $99 for starter kit with option to purchase additional products

Best For: those looking to lose money

Summary: PM International is a MLM company that participates in both the health and wellness niche, and also the beauty and cosmetics niche.

Despite it being one of the largest MLMs in the world, your chance of success is severely limited.

They also lack transparency due to the fact that there is no income disclosure statement that actually proves they are making money.

Not only that, but their focus on recruitment makes me think that they’re just another pyramid scheme.

If it wasn’t for the products they have to sell, there is no doubt they would be.

Rating: 45/100

Recommend: No


What Is PM International?

Operating in both the health/wellness and beauty/cosmetics niche, they are one of the largest MLMs in the world.

They sell supplements, skin care, and other essential products in the health industry.

If your interest in this company goes beyond just consuming their products, they do offer a business opportunity to sell their products.

A quick background history about this company, before they were PM International, they were called PM Cosmetics.

Founded by Rolf Sorg back in 1993, at the time, PM only distributed makeup and other beauty essentials.

Before Sorg got into MLMs, he was a car mechanic. When he got into MLMs, he was able to recruit 10 people every month.

If this is actually true, then talk about a come up. But unfortunately, there’s no way to verify this.

PM International Products

Because PM International operates in two different niches, their product line reflects this.

The first category of products is their BeautyLine which features cosmetics. The other category is Fitline, which features their health and wellness products.

So let’s first go over the BeautyLine and what they have to offer.


When it comes to their beautyline products, you can expect it to resemble most cosmetic products in the market today.

Each product is made with natural ingredients that is geared towards providing you with ultimate skin care.

Such as skin cleansing, dirt removal, and reducing the signs of aging.

Below is a list of the products in their BeautyLine:

  • Clean Tonic
  • Ultimate Young
  • 4ever
  • Cleansing Milk


With this line, you can expect vitamins and minerals, along with other supplements that focus on your health.

Some of the benefits include, energy boosting, muscle fatigue soothing, improved heart health, and much more.

Below is a list of some of the products they offer:

  • Fitness Drink
  • D-Drink
  • Herbalism Tea
  • Omega 3
  • Heart Duo
  • Q10
  • Restorate
  • CC-Cel Capsules
  • ProShape Amino
  • Basics
  • Power Cocktail
  • ProShape All-in-1
  • Activize Oxyplus
  • CC-Cel Lotion

Does Their Product Work

Like with many products of these types of niches, you can expect to receive equal benefits.

And by looking through their official Facebook page, it looks like they have pretty good reviews.

A lot of people are saying good things about them. But who really knows how legit these reviews are.

How You Make Money With PM International

Like most MLM companies, there’s only so many ways in which you can make money. Those ways are:

  1. Selling products the company provides
  2. Recruiting others to sell products

PM International is no different. As a distributor, you are given the right to sell their products.

If you want to make even more money, they allow you to recruit others to do the same. By either hosting parties at home or online. 

How To Get Started With PM International

When joining an MLM company, some make you pay to become a member, and some don’t.

Unfortunately PM International is one of those companies that do make you pay. You have to purchase a $99 Demo Starter Pack Kit in order to become a member.

The kit includes:

  • Sports bottle
  • Demo bag
  • Spoon
  • 2 of their best-selling PM products

There are also additional products that you have to purchase that include Pool Packs. I would actually recommend you purchase this pack since it is ideal.

There are actually 2 products to choose from that are included with the Pool Packs. The items are:

  • Optimal Combo Pack for $481
  • 6 FitLine Optimal Set Pack for $500

PM International Compensation Plan

Below is a quick look at their compensation plan:

  • Retail Income
  • TOP Retail Bonus
  • Wholesale Income
  • Pool Bonus
  • 6 Royalty Generations
  • Management Bonus/ToP Management Bonus

Below is a video if you’re interested in learning more about how you will be compensated with PM International:

Retail Commission Bonus

This is a pretty basic way in which you get compensated for selling products directly to customers.

As a PM International member, you’re able to get products at wholesale prices. You then can sell these products at retail earning you a profit. 

Top Retailer Bonus Commissions

Here you can earn even more money if you’re able to build out your team correctly.

Your commission is based on group volume which qualifies you for the bonus. Once you’re able to reach 2500 in GV sales, you’ll earn the Top Trailer Bonus commission.

This earns you 3% of all retail sales earned by your team every month. You can earn 5% if your team is able to reach 5000 in Group Volume sales.

Recruiting Commission Bonus

Earlier I mentioned that there are two ways to make money with PM International. The first of course is through product sales.

But the other way is through recruiting.

When you bring someone into the business and they purchase a Pool Pack that is worth either $481 or $500, you’ll earn a $60 commission.

If you’re able to qualify as a manager or higher, you can earn an extra $120 from future Pool Packs referrals.

What I Like About PM International

There isn’t much that stands out for me because they’re pretty much like every other MLM company promoting these types of products. 

What I Don’t LIke About PM International

#1. Unfair Ranking

While watching their video, I noticed that higher ranking members are compensated way more than lower ranks.

It’s not like I don’t expect that, but the margin seems a bit much.

Like how are those in the lower ranks supposed to be motivated if they are compensated so little.

They would have to recruit like crazy in order to start making good money with the program.

I just think they should make it a little bit easier to climb ranks so that money can be earned.

#2. Recruiting

PM International focuses a lot on rewarding those that are able to bring new members into the business rather than selling their products.

Many would say that’s a pyramid scheme, but that isn’t the case because they actually have products to sell.

So they are legit, but it is concerning to me that they focus so much on recruiting.

With their unfair ranking system, I fear that people actually putting in the work, may not get their money back.

#3. Expensive Products

This is what I never understood about a lot of MLMs. They have these generic products, but are priced at high quality prices.

Maybe it’s because you’re supposed to target a certain clientele, and high prices usually mean high quality.

But in actuality, the products are no better than commercial products which tend to be much cheaper.

So unless you have a certain clientele that has a lot of money, more than likely you won't be able to sell them.

Is PM International A Scam?

Despite my negative review of this company, PM International is a legitimate MLM company.

But that’s only because they have products that are available to sell.

If their only means of income earning opportunity was through recruitment, then no doubt they would be a pyramid scheme.

However, that doesn’t mean that I recommend anyone join this business.

That’s because the chances of you making money with this company is very low.

Their products are too expensive, and the fact that upon joining, you have to purchase one of their packs, is crazy.

The best way to make money is through recruiting, and that seems way too difficult to do with this type of business model.

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