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is paparazzi accessories a scam

When it comes to making money, there are a variety of ways in which you can go about it. One of the more popular business models out there are MLMs.

The reason being is that products are already created for you.

So all you have to do is sell the products, and recruit others to do the same. One company in particular is Paparazzi Accessories.

They market jewelry which is always a popular niche business to get into. I mean, who doesn’t love a piece of jewelry.

But what you really want to know is if this company is legit or not.

So in this review, I plan on going over everything you need to know about paparazzi accessories.

This will help you come up with a more informed decision about whether this is the right company to get into or not. 

Paparazzi Accessories Review Summary

Product Name: Paparazzi Jewelry Accessories

Founder: Misty Kirby and Chana Reeve

Product Type: Jewelry Accessories MLM

Price to join: $99 - $499 for Starter Kits

Best For: those looking to lose money

paparazzi review summary

Summary: Paparazzi Accessories is another Multi-Level Marketing type business that allows you the opportunity to sell jewelry. Although jewelry tends to be a very popular niche to sell in, being successful at selling is a whole different story. The issue with a business like this is that you have to sell a lot of jewelry to really make a profit. But if you’re up to the challenge, then this may be for you. But like most MLMs, it usually isn’t.

Rating: 40/100

Recommend: No


What Is Paparazzi Accessories?

Paparazzi Accessories is an MLM type company who promotes the selling of affordable jewelry.

Those that join this company are considered consultants, and are allowed to sell the jewelry at a profit.

This is usually done by hosting online parties, home parties, and word of mouth if necessary. The company was founded in 2010 by Misty Kirby and Chana Reeve. 

Their goal is to empower women by giving them the opportunity to live an independent lifestyle.

About Paparazzi Accessories

paparazzi jewelry

What makes Paparazzi Accessories so unique is the affordability of their products. Most of the jewelry that they have are priced at just $5.

Not only that, but they have a wide variety of different types of jewelry to choose from.

Each item goes along with their goal to empower women through change.

So not only is this company making jewelry affordable for their consultants to sell, but also creating a positive message.

If you’re interested in seeing their complete product line, check it out here.

How You Make Money With Paparazzi Accessories

Like most MLM companies, there’s only so many ways in which you can make money. Those ways are:

  1. Selling products the company provides
  2. Recruiting others to sell products

Paparazzi Accessories is no different. As a consultant, you are given the right to sell their products.

If you want to make even more money, they allow you to recruit others to do the same. By either hosting parties at home or online. 

How To Get Started With Paparazzi Accessories

Before you can get started with making money with the company, there are a few steps before you do. First things first, you need to find a consultant to sponsor you.

paparazzi getting started

Find A Consultant

Unfortunately, you won't be able to get started with your business without first being invited by a current consultant.

That is, someone who is already in the business selling products.

However Paparazzi Accessories makes it easy to find someone by having you go on their website and searching for one using your zip code.

Once you’re able to find a consultant, you can join, and you will now be in that persons down line. 

Choose A Starter Pack

The way you find success with this company is by taking their product and then selling it.

But before you can do that, you first have to purchase their product. There are 3 different starter kits for you to choose from.

paparazzi starter kits

They range from $99 - $499. The difference between each kit is the amount of jewelry you are given. So the goal will be to purchase a kit, then flip it for a profit.

Throw A Party

Yes you heard right! Throwing parties are a great way for you to showcase your merchandise to potential customers.

Once you’ve placed your order for your kit, make sure you setup as many parties as possible so that you can sell your products.

And if you think that hosting parties is a hassle, the company does provide you with your own company website to direct people to.

Paparazzi Accessories Compensation Plan

I mentioned earlier that there are two ways in which you can make money. You can either sell the product, or you can recruit others to do the same.

Now to make money, more than likely you will have to do both. So the earnings you get when you sell an item is 45% on every sale. 

Basically you’re getting the products at wholesale, where you can then sell it at MSRP, which is about $5.

They are pretty strict about this, so don’t try to sell it for more.

Now if you want to make even more money, then you have to recruit others to also sell the product.

For each person directly under you that makes a sale, you receive 5-10% in residual income. And for those directly under your person, you will receive 2-3%, and so on. 

paparazzi compensation plan

You’re probably thinking that all you have to do is recruit as many people as you can and just watch the money roll in.

Unfortunately it’s a bit more complicated than that.

In order for you to receive residual income, you have to make sure you maintain a Personal Volume (PV) of at least 250, which is about 125 sales/month.

You also have to maintain an Organization Volume (OV) of 1000-1500, which is 500,000 - 750,000 sales/month.

So you have to make sure that you and your organization are making sales. Click here to learn more about their compensation plan.

What I Like About Paparazzi Accessories

Although I don’t recommend you joining Paparazzi Accessories, there are a few things I like about it.

#1. Competitive Commissions

Not too many MLM businesses offer great commissions, but Paparazzi seems to be an exception. By offering 45% commissions on each sale, they give consultants an opportunity to benefit from their hard work.

#2. Affordable Products

One of the most important factors in being successful in any MLM business, the products you’re selling have to be affordable.

This is something you don’t have to worry about with this company. Each item costs no more than 5 bucks, so they are more than affordable to potential customers.

What I Don’t LIke About Paparazzi Accessories

#1. Need High Volume Sales

As affordable as the items are, that just means that you have to sell a large volume to really make a profit.

The fact that you can’t sell the jewelry for no more than $5, prolly doesn’t leave room for much profit.

Not only that, but you will also be competing against other affordable jewelry shops.

So you will need to be on your grind in order to make a decent amount of money in this business.

#2. Hosting Parties is Important

The fact that their product is so cheap, it’s important to put your product in front of as many people as possible.

Hosting parties can be a great way to do that. Also, not only is selling a must at these parties, this is also a time for recruiting.

Therefore you’re going to have to bother both your friends and family, and we all know how that usually goes.

People hate having to come to MLM type gatherings. Therefore there’s a good chance they will resent you for wasting their time.

#3. Hard To Get Promoted

If you plan on getting promoted in this business, you really have to both sell, and recruit very well.

This sometimes can be the most difficult part about joining any MLM type of business.

That’s because most people won’t share your vision of business, even if they thought the business was legit.

I can remember starting my business with affiliate marketing, many thought I wouldn’t find success in it, until I actually did. 

So you will have to put in a lot of work if you hope to get promoted.

Is Paparazzi Accessories A Scam?

Paparazzi Accessories is definitely a legit business.

However, I still wouldn’t recommend that you join, especially if you’re looking to earn a full-time income.

That’s because you’re earning a few dollars per sale which means you have to increase your volume.

Not to say that you shouldn’t work hard to be successful in your business. But you want to make sure that the hard work you're putting in is worth it. 

I feel this business will require too much of your time, which is your most important asset when it comes to building a successful business.

Also, there’s the whole recruiting aspect of the business. MLM’s are an easy way to damage relationships between family and friends.

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