Is Juuva A Scam? – Or A Legit Money Making Opportunity?

Have you ever had a friend that said they have something important to talk to you about?

But instead of telling you over the phone, they rather tell you in person.

So you both set up a time to meet, and in the back of your head you’re wondering what is so important that it couldn’t be said over the phone.

You both finally meet, and you see a folder in their hand with a pitch about something called Juuva.

Some interesting points about financial freedom are brought up, but you’re wondering if it is a scam or not.

So you google “is Juuva a scam,” and here you are, on my site.

So my goal is to break down everything about this company. Like its background information, cost to join, and how they plan on compensating you.

After reading, you will have a better idea if this company is right for you or not. Let’s get it!

Juuva Review Summary

Product Name: Juuva

Founders: Frankie Kiow, Grant Pace

Business Model: Health and Wellness MLM

Price to join: $49

Best For: No one

Summary: Juuva is another health and wellness MLM that offers quite a bit of nutritional supplements. Not only that, but they also allow you to recruit members into the business to earn money. Although Juuva isn’t a pyramid scheme, don’t expect to build wealth with this company. That’s because MLM’s aren’t a model for success. It’s rare that people find success in MLMs, therefore I would look elsewhere.

Rating: 45/100

Recommend: No


What Is Juuva?

Juuva is one of the many health and wellness multi level marketing companies out there.

They offer a variety of nutritional supplements for those interested in improving their health.

They also offer devices that are supposed to be beneficial to one’s health. Things like ionizing devices, Anion Emitters, Cation Shields, and other modern devices.

Most of these products you will find directly on their website. So no need to worry about handling any inventory.

Not only does Juuva offer products to sell to customers, but they also have a network marketing component to their business.

If you’re someone that is looking to make some extra cash, or better yet, replace your current income, Juuva offers an income generating opportunity.

By applying to become an independent distributor, you can take part in the company's compensation plan.

All you need is a Juuva membership, and you can earn money if you recruit new members or sell Juuva products.

Juuva was founded by both Frankie Kiow, and Gran Pace.

Both are entrepreneurs where Grant Paces is the company’s CEO, and Jeff Bracken is the Master Distributor.

Company was founded in 2013, and is headquartered in Pleasant Grove, Utah. You can also find offices located in the Philippines, Taiwan, and Vietnam

Does Juuva Operate Like A Pyramid Scheme?

For those that don’t know, pyramid schemes are illegal in all countries around the world.

The way these schemes work is, members of the business are compensated for recruiting others into the business.

There are no products to sell, and only recruiting is allowed.

So Juuva is a scheme, right? I know many like to think all MLMs are pyramid schemes, this isn’t the case when it comes to Juuva.

That’s because not only are you compensated for recruiting, but they also offer products for you to sell.

But just because it’s not a pyramid scheme, doesn’t mean it’s a business you should get into. But keep reading please.

Can You Succeed?

Unfortunately when it comes to MLM business models, success is a very rare thing.

Regardless of the industry, any business model that follows this structure, the only people that make money are those at the top.

The fact that Juuva still doesn’t have an income disclosure statement online, makes you wonder how successful it’s members really are.

What also doesn’t help is the cost of Juuva’s products.

Like with many MLM products, they are usually too expensive to sell, thus you lose money from the start.

Not only that, but if you lack business skills, sales skills, or personality skills, it will be extremely difficult to succeed.

This is usually the case with many who join MLMs.

The really business savvy people are those that started the company since they have many people below them making sales.

So the question is, do you think you can also sell products and recruit hundreds, if not thousands of others to do the same?

Getting Started With Juuva

How Much To Join Juuva?

If you’re interested in becoming a Juuva distributor, then the cost to join is $49 which comes with a business launch kit.

When you join, they will recommend that you buy products to help jumpstart your business.

Below are some of the expected costs of the products Juuva offers:

  • Allwater stick - $50
  • Allwater and Energy Stick Combo - $115
  • The Anion Emitter - $180
  • BioIntense - $83

And if you’re not yet sure you want to spend money on the products above, Juuva offers product packs for you to sample.

This is also a great opportunity to showcase the products to potential customers.

Once you have the products you’re interested in selling, Juuva has the option to choose hassle free autoship.

Those who choose this autoship option, get a 10% discount off distributor prices.

As a distributor, you also get access to training, conference calls, webinars, and other events the company has.

Distributors even get a personalized e-commerce website.

Juuva Compensation Plan

It’s rare that you find an MLM business in the health and wellness industry that doesn’t have products to sell.

Juuva is no different, by allowing its distributors an opportunity to earn some extra cash.

Also, many MLMs tend to have complicated compensation plans. But with Juuva, you’ll find that it’s pretty straight forward. 

There are four ways in which you can earn money:

Retail profits

This is where you earn money when you sell Juuva products directly to customers. 

Fast Start Bonus

Remember how I said that not only can you earn an income selling products, well you can also earn an income bringing people into the business.

Every time you recruit a new Juuva distributor, you are eligible for this one-off bonus.

However, the amount you receive will depend on which rank you are at the time of the recruiting.

So let’s say you are a basic member, you will automatically get $20 for bringing someone into the business.

Advanced will get you $50, and Professional ranking will earn you $100

Multi-Leg Bonus

This is where the residual income comes in. and for those who are not familiar with the term “residual,” it is income you earn from those below you making sales or recruiting new members.

So according to Juuva, you can earn as much as $15,000 a week per pay leg.

Leadership Matching Bonus

You receive this bonus based on the total earnings of your team.

Juuva Products

Juuva Allwater Energy Stick

This energy stick is pretty cool as you can turn ordinary acidic water into ionized alkaline water. It’s sleek design makes it portable which allows for easy transport.

The device contains compounds that give the water it’s smooth fresh water taste.

Compounds like mineral stones, calcium ion, far-infrared, and tourmaline stone. It also has potassium, chloride, sodium which are safe powders.

Some of the benefits you can expect while taking this are detoxification in your body. Also a boost of your immune system. 

Anion Emitter

The Anion Emitter comes with all different types of precious stones.

These stones are meant to help protect you from harmful frequencies that are usually emitted from your everyday electronic devices.

Because the emitter produces 2000 negative ions per inch, you can expect some very interesting benefits.

Such as a boost of your immune system, help for your digestive system, and cell protection from free radicals.

The emitter is said to mimic the effects of your natural environment.


If you’re looking for ways to improve the health of your skin, then Biointense is a great way to do it.

It is an anti-aging cream that helps exfoliate your skin with it’s many vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

You will see any wrinkles or fine lines you have be reduced big time.

What I Like About Juuva

Not your typical health and wellness products

I’ll admit, when it comes to product uniqueness, Juuva definitely brings it.

Like with other health and wellness MLMs, usually you see your typical health supplements.

But with Juuva, they are offering you some next level high tech health and wellness products.

I can definitely see customers being in awe when you present it to them. No doubt you will stand out from other MLMs in the same industry. 

Easy to read compensation plan

The fact that Juuva’s compensation plan is easy to understand gives them points compared to other MLMs.

Usually there’s a 40 page document that no one ever reads explaining how you get paid within the business.

Sometimes it’s so complicated that you don’t even care if you’re being paid correctly. All that matters is that you are getting paid.

Good reputation

Juuva does have a solid reputation which is a really good thing. It’s rare that you find any MLM business that many will say good things about.

This could be a sign that Juuva’s products are effective and actually does what they say they’re supposed to do.

What I Don’t LIke About Juuva

Products not backed by science

There isn’t much evidence that is backed by science that confirms the effectiveness of Juuva’s products.

Things like water converted by ionizing machines from acidic to alkaline can help improve human health.

Same goes for all the other products Juuva makes claims about.

No income disclosure statement online

Juuva has been in the game for quite a while now.

Since 2013 to be exact. The fact that they don’t have at least one online income disclosure statement, makes you pause a little bit.

Not only do you want to make sure the company is profitable, but you also want to see if their distributors are making any money.

These are crucial details that are needed when making a decision about joining the company.


Health and wellness is big business in the multi level marketing world. Everyone is looking to live longer and look better, so the demand is always there.

Unfortunately, the success isn’t when it comes to those looking to get into the business of distribution.

Items can be too expensive to sell compared to competitor prices.

In my opinion, I just see it as a money grab since the people at the top profit the most. Whereas those below them have an extremely high failure rate.

Is Juuva A Scam?

It’s definitely not a scam, but it’s not a company I would recommend anyone join if they were looking to make money online.

Especially when there are more effective ways you can make money online.

Based on my experience with MLMs, trying to both sell products and also recruit people into the business was very difficult.

I didn’t last more than a year, which is way above the average time most people tend to spend in the business.

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