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December 3, 2019


is impact mailing club a scam

Can you really make money by just mailing out letters?

Look, I know there are thousands of ways to make money in this world, but it amazes me to hear some of those ways.

But what amazes me even more, is that there are people that actually give these money making opportunities a shot.

One opportunity in particular, is Impact Mailing Club. Who are they? How does it work? And most importantly, is it legit or not?

These are just some of the questions, along with many more, that I will be answering in this review.

So if you’re interested in learning more about how you can potentially make money sending letters out, then please keep reading. 

Impact Mailing Club Review Summary

Product Name: Impact Mailing Club

Founder: Rose Alameda

Product Type: Direct Mail Gifting System

Price to join: $100 - $2,000

Best For: Those looking to lose money

impact mailing club summary review

Summary: The way you make money with this direct mail gifting system, is by mailing out letters hoping that they buy into the company. Is it possible to make money? Yes! Will you actually make money? Highly doubtful. However, there are those who are actually participating in this system. But there is no way to know who is actually making money, and how much they are making.

Rating: 0/100

Recommend: No


What Is Impact Mailing Club?

Founded by Rose Alameda, Impact Mailing Club is a direct mailing company.

Where you earn money by mailing out letters to a list of leads, with the hope that they buy into Impact Mailing Club as well.

impact mailing club landing page

If you’re able to find someone that is willing to buy into the system, you earn a commission, and they become a part of your team.

You’re probably wondering why you need a team. Well, the person you were able to sign up will also be sending out letters.

And if they are able to get someone to buy into the system, you will receive a 2nd tier commission.

Sounds like a pyramid scheme?

Well that’s because it probably is. But that’s just my opinion, which we will get into a bit more in a moment.

Now, in order to start selling Impact Mailing Club to other people and earn commissions, there are one of four levels you must buy into.

So let’s take a closer look into Impact Mailing Club.

An Inside Look Into Impact Mailing Club

The four different levels to buy into. They are:

Level 1 – Emerald Cost: $100 (plus 2 books of stamps)

Items Included: Welcome Package, 100 Leads, 1st Tier Commission $65, 2nd Tier Commission $20

Level 2 – Ruby Cost: $250 (plus 4 books of stamps)

Items Included: Welcome Package, 200 Leads, 1st Tier Commission $150, 2nd Tier Commission $50

Level 3 – Sapphire Cost: $500 (plus 4 books of stamps)

Items Included: Welcome Package, 400 Leads, 1st Tier Commission $300, 2nd Tier Commission $100

Level 4 – Diamond Cost: $2000 (plus 5 books of stamps)

Items Included: Welcome Package, 1000 Leads, 1st Tier Commission $1000, 2nd Tier Commission $500, 2 Invites to Company Mastermind Event

As you can see, the more you pay, the bigger the opportunity for you and your team to earn money.

However, please keep in mind that if you’re someone in a lower level, and you recruit someone at a higher level, you receive commissions for the level you are currently in.

This pretty much incentivises you to choose the Diamond level. Causing you to spend more money.

What About Additional Expenses?

This is something that isn’t really talked about when deciding to join this company. You see, most people love to focus on the income part, but forget about all the expenses. 

Things like:

  • Postage costs
  • Material costs
  • Traveling costs
  • Printing costs

These are things you have to factor in when calculating the amount of money you can make. Also, if you’re wondering what you will be sending to prospects, here is the exact letter, which is 3 pages long…

impact mailing club cover letter
impact mailing club cover letter
impact mailing club cover letter

Of course printing costs will vary based on how you go about printing these letters. 

Let’s say you have your own printer in which you will only need paper and ink. If you’re someone that is in level 3, you have 400 leads to send letters to.

Basically 400 x 3 comes out to 1200 pages. I don’t know about you, but that seems like a lot of money being spent before you even make a dime.

So Is Making Money Even Possible With Impact Mailing Club?

It takes money to make money right? Well in this case, it takes a lot of money to hopefully make money.

But can you really get your money back?

I mean of course you can. But it doesn’t mean you will. You have to remember, you’re pretty much spamming people the way your email inbox gets spammed.

Except your spamming is being done offline. So just think about it, how often do you open emails that you consider to be spam?

I’m pretty sure its a very low number. The same applies to people receiving spam letters promoting Impact Mailing Club.

I mean why should they open and respond to your mail?

Impact Mailing Compensation Plan

If there’s one thing I will give credit to Impact Mailing Club for, is their simple compensation plan. Basically, you earn commissions at the level you buy into, or lower.

You can't earn anything if your recruit happens to buy into a higher level. That pretty much goes straight to the company.

What I Like About Impact Mailing Club

#1. High Commissions

If by chance you are able to get someone to sign up, you will definitely be rewarded for it. There’s not a lot of work involved other than stuffing and mailing envelopes.

So if you can get people to sign up, you can make some really good money for not a lot of effort.

What I Don’t LIke About Impact Mailing Club

#1. Very Risky

If you’ve ever heard of pyramid schemes, and I’m pretty sure you have, well this sounds just like one. And to my knowledge, pyramid schemes are illegal in many places.

The fact that you basically make money from recruiting, makes me question the legality of this system.

So if you’re someone that is considering working with Impact Mailing Club, this is something to think about. It’s not worth you getting in trouble for.

#2. Not Sustainable

Since the only way to make money is to recruit, what happens if there is no one joining? If there were products being sold, then maybe you can justify the business a bit. But I can’t see how this a long term business with it being so limited. 

#3. Too Costly To Get Started

I’m all for spending money to make money as long as it makes sense. The fact that you have to spend so much money to print and mail each letter is too risky.

Also, there’s no guarantee that you even get one person to sign up.

I can remember when starting my online business, I paid a few hundred bucks to learn how to make money online.

And this education paid off tremendously. But with Impact Mailing Club, I see nothing but a get rich quick scheme. 

Is Impact Mailing Club A Scam?

Legally I'm not qualified to say whether Impact Mailing Club is a scam or not, but there are definitely things that give you cause for pause.

The fact that it’s setup like a pyramid scheme would make you think it’s illegal. But it’s hard to say for sure.

When searching for legit ways to make money, I tend to look at how easy the money can be made.

If it takes very little effort, then I become highly suspect of it. That’s because there is no such thing as quick money that is made legally.

I mean there is the lottery, but we all know the chances of you actually having the winning ticket.

Personally, if you tell me that a money making opportunity is going to take time, you would gain my trust much quicker than some direct mailing scheme.

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