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By Ralph

January 25, 2021


Being able to work from home is the dream for many working people. Not having to deal with traffic every morning can help relieve a ton of stress.

So finding ways in which you can make money online has never been more popular.

Which is why affiliate marketing has been for most people a good way to get started with making money online.

But where do you start and where do you get the training?

Well one program that is looking to provide this training is Home Profit System. But many are wondering if it is a scam or not.

So in this review I plan on going over everything you need to know about his system.

Things like its background information, cost to use it, and what kind of earnings you can expect to make.

After reading this review, you’ll have a better idea if this program is worth it or not. So let’s get started.

Home Profit System Review Summary

Product: Home Profit System

Founders: Not Disclosed

Product Type: Affiliate Marketing Platform

Price to join: $97 for the e-book

Best For: No one

Summary: Home Profit System is a money making opportunity that you can do right from the comfort of your home.

This system claims to be an affiliate marketing business where you focus on building links for your business.

But as someone that has been successful in building an affiliate marketing business, I question the legitimacy of this program.

That’s because it looks more like a program that is just looking to funnel people into other programs about making money online.

So my advice would be to look elsewhere if you’re serious about making money online.

Rating: 5/100

Recommend: No


What Is Home Profit System?

Home Profit System is a wannabe affiliate marketing system that likes to sell people on the dream of making money while working from home.

Not to say that it isn’t possible because myself and thousands of others are doing just that.

But Home Profit System uses this dream to sell a system that gives affiliate marketing a very bad name.

Just look at all the advertisements, articles and fake testimonials of people who claim to have found success with this system.

Even when you check out their sales video, you’re guided by some person named Kelly Richards.

She’s there to explain to you how the system works, but instead what you get is a hyping about all the money you can make.

Even worse, they want to see if you qualify by asking for your contact information, which of course you shouldn’t.

I don’t know about you, but once I see a program talking about all the money you can make, I just ignore it.

An Inside Look Into Home Profit System?

All you have to do is visit their site and know that something isn’t right with this program. They don’t really show you anything of substance on how the program works.

But they ask you to input your contact information like name and email address.

Once this is done, you will be taken to another site called Total Income Answer, which has now been rebranded as Secure Job Position.

This is just another site trying to sell you the same thing. They even use the same person in the previous sales video.

Does Home Profit System Work?

So let’s say that you do happen to fork over your contact information for this opportunity to change your financial future for the better.

You will then be taken to another homepage that will then try to sell you an eBook at a price of $97.

When in reality, the book offers you no value.

Of course the book will claim to hold untold secrets about how to make money online.

But what you get are strategies that are outdated and will not work in today’s internet marketing world. 

What Their “Link Posting” System Really Is?

It’s basically a wannabe affiliate marketing linking system. However, the way Home Profit System goes about it is totally wrong.

You see, affiliate marketing itself is a very legit money making opportunity.

In fact, it’s how I started making money online, and the same goes for thousands of others.

To give you a quick explanation of what affiliate marketing is, all you’re doing is marketing other products and receiving a commission if someone makes a purchase using your link.

These links are given to you by the companies you are promoting as a way to track customers who make purchases using your link.

Many companies use this method to help grow their businesses.

Who’s Home Profit System For?

I’d be lying if I said it was for any particular person. The only person I could see this being for is the person that loves to get scammed into a money making opportunity.

If you’re not that person, then this product isn’t for you or anyone looking for a legit way to make money online.

What I Like About Home Profit System

Not a damn thing. Affiliate marketing helped change my life for the better, and this system gives affiliate marketing a very bad name. 

What I Don’t LIke About Home Profit System

#1. Gives Affiliate Marketing A Bad Name!

Anyone that knows about affiliate marketing knows that it is as legit as it comes.

 Most people that started making money online, they started with affiliate marketing.

So when you see a program like Home Profit System come with this scammy link building system, it really bothers me.

Because they don’t really try to teach you the proper way to make money with links.

All they care about is getting your $97 and leaving you hanging with bad information.

#2. Is Kelly Richards Even Real?

If you look hard enough, you’ll come to find out that Kelly Richards is nothing more than a stock photo being used and abused across the internet.

On one site you will find Kelly promoting a money making opportunity.

Then on another site, called Online Learning Tips, you will find Kelly there as well.

Unless this person really loves trying out money making programs, I doubt this person is who they claim they are.

But if you were someone that was new to the internet, you would take the photo as is.

But most experienced online marketers know when they’re being sold something fake. So you need to be careful when coming across advertisements like this.

#3. A Funnel Into Another Site That Funnels Into Another Scam

There’s no secret that many affiliate marketing sites try to guide customers from one page to another.

And to be honest, most customers appreciate you providing them a clear path to where they want to go.

But for scammers like Home Profit System, all they want to do is bring customers from one scam to another.

However the good thing is most people are smart enough to spot these scams.

But these sites only need a small percentage of suckers to make the money they want.

Is Home Profit System A Scam?

Home Profit System is absolutely a scam!

For one, they pose as an affiliate marketing system, when in reality, all they’re doing is getting you to purchase their scammy product.

If they actually showed you how you can build a business by promoting company products and services, then I would definitely be open to listening.

But based on my experience with affiliate marketing, it’s easy for me to spot the scam when I see it.

Affiliate marketing works totally different then what Home Profit System shows, and I just can’t let that slide.

So if you’re still serious about building a business using affiliate marketing, then I would recommend you look for a program that focuses on teaching you.

A program that provides you with the training and tools to build a sustainable business. 

How I Make Money Online

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