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By Ralph

December 10, 2020


The referral business can be a great way to make money if you’re someone in need of some extra cash.

In fact, affiliating marketing which is basically promoting other businesses products, is a multi billion dollar industry.

However, not every referral business is worth your time. One program in particular is Enjeo.

A referral program that pays you to get people to enroll in products searched online.

But I’m sure you’re wondering if it is a scam, or you wouldn’t be on my site right now. 

Well in this review, I plan on going over everything you need to know about this program.

Things like it’s background information, cost to join, and if it’s even worth your time to join. So let’s get started!

Enjeo Review Summary

Product Name: Enjeo

Founders: N/A

Product Type: Digital Product Subscription

Price to join: $1/week or $52/month per program

Best For: No one

Summary: Enjeo is a GPT (Get Paid To) site where you’re compensated for referring people to products found online.

You are given a referral link to send to people you know.

And if someone purchases a product using your link, you receive a commission.

As someone who has made money with affiliate marketing, Enjeo tries to disguise itself as an affiliate program, but without knowledge and training.

The income potential is low, and the methods are ineffective.

Rating: 40/100

Recommend: No


What Is Enjeo?

Enjeo is an affiliate program where you can earn money by referring people to sign up to products using affiliate links.

What kind of products will you be promoting? Your guess is as good as mine since you don’t find out until you become a member of the program.

In my opinion, if you’re hoping to get people into your program, then it helps to let them know what they will be getting into.

When it comes to who owns the program, I couldn’t really find much information about it.

Usually when deciding to join anything, I like to know the brains behind the operation.

I like to research and know who I’m dealing with before I commit.

So when I see programs like Enjeo not sharing the name of the owners, it makes me question why.

I was able to check their “Affiliate Program Terms” document, and it mentioned something about dispute resolutions in Nevada.

So I’m guessing that’s where their office is located.

Inside Enjeo

Enjeo is a free program which is a good thing. So no worries about paying and being suckered into something that isn’t what it seemed.

You should expect to fill in personal information such as name, email address, home address, and phone number.

You will also need to input banking information so that they know where to send your money.

Although you don’t get paid when signing up, there is an opportunity to receive $20 by paying $1. I’ll get into that in a bit.

How To Make Money Here

The goal of being an Enjeo member is to refer and build your affiliate list. This is how the majority of the money is made with this program.

Below is a quick breakdown of how money is earned from Enjeo:

  • You receive a $5 referral bonus when you sign someone up to become a member. I’m not sure if they have to pay the $1 fee as I don’t see it mentioned anywhere on the site.
  • If the person you referred stays on for more than 30 days, you receive an extra $5. Me personally, I don’t know why anyone would stay, but that’s just me.
  • Enjeo also has a digital service, and if you get people to sign up to it, you receive an extra $1.25 in your pocket. Mind blowing money right?

Enjeo’s Digital Product Subscriptions

If you’re interested in signing up to Enjeo’s digital products, then here's what you should expect.

All of their products cost $1/week or about $52/month. You can earn $1.52 in commissions when signing someone up.

However, I’m not really sure if you earn it on the dollar per week subscription, or 52 dollars a month.

Road Assistance Plans

This is almost like your Triple A membership you have with your vehicle.

But with Enjeo, you get a Mini Road Assistance Plan that includes 24/7 roadside towing for up to 5 miles.

This also comes with delivery for fuel, jump starts, tire change for flats, and if you get locked out of your vehicle.

There’s also an Ultimate Road Assistance that allows for 3 claims per year and will cost you about $9.95/month or $120/year.

You will earn $20 commission if you’re able to sell this plan. You will receive this payment after 2 billing cycles.

Realty Listing Mini Plan

It seems like this is supposed to be a plan that helps you find real estate listings online.

Almost as if they are trying to compete with sites like Zillow or Trulia. But it doesn’t look like there’s much to find in terms of property.

I doubt many will choose this over a more credible site like I just mentioned.

Public Records Mini Plan

If you’re looking to do a background check on someone, this plan covers up to 10 public record reports per week.

So if you’re looking to hire someone, you can look through this for more details.

Credit Monitoring Mini Plan

This helps monitor your credit and lets you know if there are any suspicious activities going on with your credit.

You receive notifications for things like account closures, new credit inquiry, exceeding credit limit, etc.

How Do You Earn $20 from Enjeo

In order to entice you to join, Enjeo offers you a chance to receive $20 for free.

Now don’t expect to exploit this opportunity by trying to get this free money more than once. So how do you sign up for this free money?

Easy...once you sign up to become a member of Enjeo, you will be taken to your affiliate dashboard where you can click on “Feature Product.”

In that section you will then have to go to roadside assistance service.

Once you’re there, just sign up for the program using a separate email from the one you used on Enjeo.

This will allow you to earn a $10 referral bonus and a $10 sales bonus.

You will then see $21.25 in your account dashboard which can be transferred into your bank account.

Just make sure to cancel the subscription after you receive your money.

What I Like About Enjeo?

Yea I wouldn’t really recommend this to anyone so it’s not for anyone pretty much. But if you keep on reading, you will learn about the reason why I don’t like Enjeo.

What I Don’t LIke About Enjeo

#1. Low Income Potential

If you expect to get rich with this program, then you got another thing coming.

The only way you can make bank with this program is by getting thousands of people to click on your link each month on a consistent basis.

You will be able to get that $20, but that’s pretty much it. I wouldn’t recommend doing this full-time as the potential to earn full-time income is very unlikely.

#2. Third-Party Services

The information that you thought was for Enjeo, are actually for third party services. You have no idea what your information is being used for along with your credit card info.

#3. Various Complaints 

There have been a few complaints about extra charges being put on peoples credit cards. So you need to be mindful and watch your bank statements for any unusual transactions. The good thing about credit cards is they are pretty good with anything dealing with fraud.

Is Enjeo A Scam?

Enjeo is a legitimate program, but it’s not a program that is worth your time and energy.

The reason I say this is because I’m sure you’re looking for a way to earn full time income, and this way just isn’t it.

Trying to get people to sign up to things using your affiliate link is a very ineffective way to make money.

That’s because people have to actually be interested in what you’re offering.

Giving a link to someone that isn’t interested is a waste.

I prefer you learn about real affiliate marketing and how to attract people who are actually looking to buy things you are promoting on your potential website.

That’s how I started making money online, and I would recommend you do the same.

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