November 4

By Ralph

November 4, 2020


I have to admit, with all the different types of MLM companies out there, more and more are being created despite its poor reputation.

But to be honest, the reason this may be the case is because they actually do work. Not product wise, but in terms of getting people to try out their business opportunity.

Specifically Elepreneurs, which I plan on breaking down today in this review.

I will go over everything you need to know about the company to help you decide if it is a scam or not. So if you’re ready to get started, let’s do it!

Elepreneurs Review Summary

Company: Elepreneurs

Founder: Robert Oblon

Business Type: Health and Wellness MLM

Price to join: $49 Annual Fee + $40 Autoship + Various Starter Packs 

Best For: No one

Summary: Elepreneurs is a Health and Wellness MLM company that surprisingly markets another MLM company called Elevacity. Based on my research, it seems that the company Elevacity wasn’t doing well and Eleprenuers was created to help revive it. Right off the bat if that doesn’t sound shady to you, then nothing will.

Rating: 35/100

Recommend: No


What Is Elepreneurs?

Elepreneurs is a Health and Wellness MLM that was founded by Rob Oblon back in 2017.

The interesting thing about this company is that it markets another company created by Rob called Elevacity.

Which is also a Multi level marketing company that was launched back in 2016.

Basically Elevacity wasn’t doing well and Rob created Elepreneurs to help market the company to keep it afloat.

About The Founder Robert Oblon

When it comes to the MLM industry, Rob is very experienced. He is someone that has created many MLM companies.

One in particular is World Ventures. And based on my research, it seems that this company was sued back in 2011 for unknown violations.

Because of his struggles with World Ventures, Rob went and registered a domain name for Elevacity in 2014.

Elevacity was created to help promote another MLM business called Travopoly.

So as you can see, Rob loves to create multiple MLM companies to help promote each other hoping no one catches on.

Elepreneurs Products

When it comes to products, Elepreneurs doesn’t really have any products that it actually sells.

Usually this is a red flag for many MLM companies as it could be considered a pyramid scheme. But what Elepreneurs does is market Elevacity products.

The reason it’s not illegal is due to that fact that Elevacity is basically a distributor for Elepreneurs. 

Below you will find a short list of the products they have to offer:

DOSE - You have a combination of beverages that range from coffees to chocolate shake mixes. The shakes do contain Xanothomax which is their nutritional proprietary blend. This will cost you around $100 for all the blends.

Wellness Functional Beverages - with this you get the Elevate Smart Coffee, Choclevate, and Elevate Nitro. The first two will run you $55 while the third costs $65. 

Wellness Supplements - you’ll find only two options with the supplements which are XanthoMax and Elevate Pure 2.0. One is an antioxidant and the other helps remove toxins in your body.

There are other products like vitamin patches and skin care. If you’re interested in learning more about them, you can look them up on their site.

Do The Products Work?

When it comes to the products many of these MLM companies sell, you usually have a mixed review.

Some will say it’s the best thing they have ever tried. Some will say the products are generic and are way overpriced.

For example, for the DOSE product. If you check on Amazon, you will find Elevacity products that have plenty of positive feedback from their users.

But if you’re familiar with amazon reviews, then you know that you need to take these reviews with a grain of salt.

So what I like to do instead of searching for reviews, is I like to look into their side effects. This is where you will find quite a few issues users are having with the products. 

How You Make Money With Elepreneurs

Like most MLM companies, there’s only so many ways in which you can make money. Those ways are:

  1. Selling products the company provides
  2. Recruiting others to sell products

Want To Join Elepreneurs?

If you’re interested in joining this company, it will cost you $49/year. Not only that, but you also need to buy one of their enrollment packs which are listed below:

  • Happy ($249)
  • Happier ($499)
  • Happiest ($999)

But hold up, we’re not done. On top of the yearly fee plus packages, there is also a $40 monthly autoshipment fee.

This gets you $40 worth of products you have to sell every month. Being a newbie, moving these products every month will be quite difficult.

After a few months into the business, you could easily find yourself with 100’s of dollars worth of stock you will need to sell.

This alone should give anyone thinking about joining cause for pause.

Elepreneurs Compensation Plan

If I’ve learned anything about MLM companies, is that their compensation plans are super complicated.

This is done on purpose to prevent you from asking too many questions. All they want you to know is that you can potentially make a lot of money.

For this reason, I don’t see any reason to go over it in detail.

Affiliate Rankings

With most MLMs, you’ll usually find a ranking system that is based mostly on sales from you and your team.

In the case of Elepreneurs, there are 12 affiliate ranks you can achieve depending on how many people you recruit and how much your total downline sells.

Retail Sales

This one is pretty straight forward. You’re compensated based on your direct sales from products. This can average anywhere from 10 to 30%

Their Infinity Bonus

Now what’s an MLM company without its recruitment compensation plan.

This part of the commission structure is where you’re rewarded for recruiting and is paid out on a unilevel structure.

You basically receive a 20% match on your sales volume which is generated by two of the highest performing affiliates.

So if you’re able to recruit someone that is then able to recruit two more, you’re eligible to receive the 20% match.

What I Like About Elepreneurs

There isn’t much I like or trust about this company. But if I had to pick one thing, it would be the fact that they do actually have products to sell.

Even though it happens to be another MLM company's products.

But there are a bunch of other MLM companies that have zero products and only focus on recruiting. Which is illegal in many countries.

What I Don’t LIke About Elepreneurs

When it comes to any MLM, there are plenty of things I don’t like. Below are just a few I happen to come up with:

  • Monthly Autoshipment: for someone that is new to the business, autoshipment requirements can be the worst. You haven’t even started making money, and already your expenses are increasing every month.

  • Setup Is Expensive: to go with your autoshipment requirements, you have yearly and monthly fees that could have you easily spending over $1000.

  • Low success rate: from experience, it’s almost impossible to be successful in any MLM business. And just by looking at Elepreneurs, I don’t see any difference between them and other MLMs. So I would be very careful joining them.

Bothering friends and family: friends and families are usually the first people you talk to when joining any of these MLMs. This can cause a lot of tension between you and those you’re close to. This is a huge reason why many quit MLMs.

Is Elepreneurs A Scam?

When deciding on calling any MLM company a scam, I usually like to see if they have products to sell.

And if it wasn’t for the fact that they do market another MLMs company’s products, I would definitely call this a scam.

But I will say they are very close to the edge when it comes to scam status which is why I wouldn’t recommend this business to anyone ever.

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