Is Bocannaco A Scam? Or Just Another Pyramid Scheme?

is bocannaco a scam.

I can remember when I joined my first money making opportunity.

The thought of having to work for someone never sit well with me, so I searched for ways to make my own money.

I’m guessing you probably feel the same way, which is why you’re here in the first place.

You see, money making opportunities will always be highly searched for as long as people continue to need extra cash.

One opportunity in particular is Bocannaco. You want to learn more about this company, to see if it’s a scam or not.

So in this review, I plan on sharing with you the legitimacy of this company, and if you should participate in it.

Bocannaco Review Summary

Product Name: Bocannaco

Founders: John Daniels

Product Type: MLM Hemp Oil

Price to join: $99 Annual Fee 

Best For: Those looking to make money in the Hemp Oil market

bocannaco review summary

Summary: Bocannaco is an MLM company that markets Hemp Oil products. They claim to have the best active driven terpenes, which are pure, 100% organic, and Non-GMO. If you’re interested in selling cannabis-derived products, this may be the opportunity you’re looking for. However, the company was founded in 2018, so it’s a bit new to the market. I’m not the biggest fan of MLM companies, so I’m always skeptical when I hear about one. Not that I don’t think they are legit, but the success rate for these types of businesses are very small.

Rating: 50/100

Recommend: No


What Is Bocannaco?

Bocannaco is a multi-level marketing company that claims to have the best active driven terpenes in the world.

The goal of the company is to provide the purest, most effective hemp oil in the world.

How Bocannaco Got Started

John Daniels who is the original founder of this company, met with a Dr. Robert Lawerence who had been selling hemp oils to other physicians.

According to Bocannaco’s notes, Dr. Lawrence held degrees in medicine, neurology, microbiology, pharmacology, and others.

John who had previous experience with network marketing businesses, saw an opportunity to create an MLM company selling hemp oil.

At first, Dr. Lawrence was reluctant to do it, but John convinced him of the great opportunity.

To take it a step further, John stepped down as a founder, and became a distributor of the product.

He brought on long time friends like Mike and Barbara Lammons, who have years of experience in networking. You can read the full note here.

Bocannaco Products

What makes bocannaco’s products so interesting, is the fact that they have the cannabis strain, but without THC.

Which is what causes the high effect when using it. Bocannaco offers a variety of products like masks, gels, energy drinks, and others.

You can click here to see their full line of products, but below is a detailed list of them:

 Excalibur 1500mg Active Driven Terpenes

bocannaco excalibur

This THC Free airless pump bottle maintains 40 terpenes, lipids, waxes, flavonoids, omegas, vitamins and minerals.

The bottle in which it is contained in is state of the art, and is currently patent pending.

There are 30ml in this one bottle, and the serving size is 4 pumps, which equals to 1ml. So you get about a months use out of this product.

The fact that it cost $149, for some, may be too costly. But based on the benefits, you may find it to be more than worth it.

1000mg Active Driven Terpenes

This seems to be similar product compared to the one above.

Except that there is only 1000mg of active driven terpenes. It’s pretty much in the same looking bottle where you have to pump it to use.

The cost for this particular bottle is $99, so a bit more affordable for those looking to experience the benefits.

However do keep in mind that it does have lesser mg.

BocannaCaine Fast Acting Gel

For those that prefer using a gel, the BocannaCaine provides just that with active driven terpenes.

It is also THC free, and is made with all natural ingredients. Some of those active ingredients include:

  •  Aloe Vera Gel,
  • Organic Aloe Leaf Juice (Aloe Vera Extract) 
  • Salicylic Acid. 

There are also some inactive ingredients that are too many to name in this one article.

Each bottle contains 10ml with a single pump, which is all that is needed to cover approximately 8 square inches of skin.

This particular product will cost you $99, but you get 100 applications from a single bottle.

Macy Mask

For those looking to improve the health of their skin, or maintain it, the Bocannaco provides what is called the Macy Mask.

It's also THC free, and uses various plant extracts that may help with promoting health hydrated skin.

The mask is eco friendly, which is made from the natural cellulose fiber found in wood pulp.

It is moisture absorbent and has a 50% greater moisture absorption than cotton.

It’s also great for those who have sensitive skin. As the mask has smooth fiber and feels soft against the skin.

It does not contain any alcohol, so no worrying about burning sensation. It will cost you $149.95, so that is something to consider when deciding to purchase.


bocannaco cannagize

For those that are into energy drinks, here you will find the THC free CannaGize energy powder.

It contains 30 stick packs, each containing a blend of amino acids and vitamins. It’s also packed with genuine herbs and minerals.

Bocannaco claims that it will help improve both your focus and performance throughout the day.

Plus help you with hydration and recovery. The box will cost you $129.

How You Make Money With Bocannaco

Like most MLM companies, there’s only so many ways in which you can make money. Those ways are:

  1. Selling products the company provides
  2. Recruiting others to sell products

Bocannaco is no different. As a distributor, you are given the right to sell the products I’ve listed above. If you want to make even more money, then recruit others to do the same.

How To Get Started With Bocannaco

In order to get started as a Bocannaco distributor, there is a $99 annual fee.

If you’re happy with being a part of the business, then every year you will be charged the fee. If not, then you can quit the business and not worry about being charged.

Also, in order to join, you need to first have a sponsor.

So the person in the business that told you about Bocannaco, would be your sponsor.

If you found out about the business on your own, then you will have to get in contact with bocannaco, and ask if they can find someone to sponsor you.

Bocannaco Compensation Plan

The one issue I have with a lot of MLM businesses, is the very complicated compensation plan.

Now I'll admit that Bocannaco’s plan is not as complicated, but still may be confusing for some.

With Bocannaco, there are three ways in which you can earn income. You can receive a first sale bonus, customer residual, and an organization residual. 

With the first sale bonus, every time someone on your team generates a sale, you receive a bonus based on their level.

first sale bonus

The residual income you receive will also depend on the amount of sales your team members make each month.

You get paid weekly and monthly. Keep in mind in order to receive payments, you have to be an active member.

All the details are listed in their compensation plan.

What I Like About Bocannaco

#1. High Quality Products

Based on the prices of the products, you have to assume the products are of high quality.

But if the high price isn’t proof enough, know that each product is laboratory tested, 100% organic, and non-GMO.

When joining any MLM type company, you want to make sure that the product you’re selling is something the customers will enjoy.

And from the looks of it, bocannaco offers products of the highest quality.

Whether you’re looking for masks, gels, or even energy drinks. You can enjoy the benefits hemp oils have to offer, without the THC.

#2. Products Are Lab Tested

I mentioned in the previous paragraph about bocannaco products being lab tested. This is to make sure that their products are both safe and effective.

Bocannaco uses two independent labs to make sure they are putting the best product out there. You can feel confident that the ingredients in each product will do its job.

#3. THC Free Products

Because there’s still a lot of gray area when it comes to the legality of cannabis. Making sure that they are within the laws for each state is key to staying in business.

So the fact that each of bocannaco’s product is THC free, is a big deal. This is also important for those that get drug tested at their jobs.

No need to worry about any failed drug tests.

What I Don’t LIke About Bocannaco

#1. It’s An MLM Company

Based on my experience with joining an MLM company, it’s rare that people find success in them.

The people that are usually successful are those that first joined when the company started.

And yes it is true that this company is fairly new, there are other factors that go into being successful in this type of business.

Factors like sales experience, networking skills, and ability to market.

If you lack in any of these skills sets, it will be hard for you to be successful.

Most people see these opportunities, and are convinced that they can make great money. But soon realize they’re not equipped to handle this type of business.

#2. Lack Of Information

Searching through their website, I was really disappointed by the lack of information available.

Bocannaco goes into detail about their product, but for those more interested in the money making opportunity, bocannaco falls short.

Being that this is an MLM company, people are already skeptical.

So it doesn’t help that there’s not much detail that goes into explaining what the company is about.

I had to search on other sites to learn more about the company. At the very least, the site could have had an about us page to ease the fear most people will have.

#3. Expensive Products

If you plan on being successful in this type of business, then you need to make sure there’s a need for your product.

Not only that, but you have to make sure that your product is affordable to your customers.

The thing I worry about with Bocannaco products, is that they tend to be very expensive. None of their products is less than $90.

As a distributor, I would be concerned about my ability to sell such expensive products. Especially when they are less expensive products in the market. 

Of course the quality of the product justifies the cost, but customers may not care.

So this is definitely something to consider when thinking about joining the business.

Is Bocannaco A Scam?

Although I’m not a huge fan of MLM businesses, I have to say that Bocannanco is definitely not a scam.

I’m sure there are those making money in the business.

But from my experience of trying other MLM’s, and seeing people I know try MLM’s, it’s very few that become successful in them.

So when deciding on if you should join or not, you really have to ask yourself, if you’re built for this type of business. 

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