November 2

By Ralph

November 2, 2020


So I came across this new MLM company called BizzTrade. Like with most MLM’s, my initial thought was this has to be a scam.

But to be honest, that would be lazy thinking and wouldn’t benefit those that come to this page to learn more about how to make money online.

So I decided to research it to help give you the reader a more in-depth analysis.

What I learned was that this company promises you riches through online trading education. Now i’m sure you’ve read what this company is all about.

But what you really want to know is if all this is a scam.

So in this review we will go over what BizzTrade is all about, how it got started, and if it is worth your time investing in.

BizzTrade Review Summary

Product Name: BizzTrade

Founder: Gupreet Dhaliwal, Rehan and Rizhar Gohar

Product Type: Cryptocurrency MLM

Price to join: 10 EUR/month membership and minimum investment of 50 EUR and a maximum of 10k EUR investment 

Best For: Absolutely No One

Summary: BizzTrade is another MLM company in the cryptocurrency market, that promises a passive income opportunity. When in reality, they offer no products, but claim you can make money by recruiting others to join the business. This right here is a huge red flag for anyone looking to join.

Rating: 0/100

Recommend: No


What Is BizzTrade?

Like I stated earlier, BizzTrade is a multi-level Marketing company that offers educational training services for those looking to master the world of trading.

But like many MLM’s, this is just a front to hide their true agenda, which is to recruit new members into the business. 

Originally known as BizzTrek, it was created by a Mr. Gupreet Dhaliwal along with his two brothers Rehan and Rizwan Gohar.

BizzTrek was originally based in the UK and launched in early 2019. Due to lack of success, they had to shut the business down.

But for some reason that didn’t stop them as they decided to build the company back up under a new name, which is now called BizzTrade.

This time, they redirected their focus in the cryptocurrency game. 

What Does BizzTrade Sell?

One way to find out if an MLM is legit or not is finding out if they have any products to sell.

And if you’re wondering if this is the case for BizzTrade, unfortunately they offer no tangible products or services.

You’re basically paying for the right to invest in the opportunities they offer via their membership.

Along with this membership, you get access to their “forex education” course. Below is a complete list of the courses they have to offer:

  1. BizzEd - This is their Forex Mastery course which is tailored towards inspiring entrepreneurs. Inside this course you will find interactive courses which vary in difficulty. From beginners up to expert level traders.

  2. BizzLive - in this course are live sessions to help you better understand the market.

  3. BizzTube - here you will find a video library that you can watch any time since they are on demand. Wasn’t able to learn much about what the lessons are since there was no information to be found.

  4. BizzCareer - if you are someone that is new to graduating their course, or is an expert businessperson, this course will teach you how to become a master trader. It also provides extensive support to its members with daily webinars and other “valuable” resources.

Does BizzTrade Work?

Earlier I said that one way to tell if an MLM company is even remotely legit, is if they have products to sell.

If not, it tells you that their focus may be through the recruitment of others.

Which in many instances is deemed illegal since it can be labeled a pyramid scheme.

They do try to mask this front by offering educational courses, but it’s nothing more than a bonus for joining their investment opportunity.

We have no idea who is actually teaching the courses, or even how good they actually are.

All I know is that they promise a 400% Return On Investment. They also claim that their revenues are generated using Forex Trading.

So like most schemes like BizzTrade, once you stop recruiting, so does your income. This is usually the downfall of most businesses where recruiting is the priority.

How You Make Money With BizzTrade

Knowing that BizzTrade uses recruiting to make money, what is the process for those looking to get started.

How To Get Started With BizzTrade

BizzTrade offers a monthly membership that costs 10 EUR. However, keep in mind that this membership doesn’t allow you the opportunity to earn income.

You have to invest a minimum of 50 EUR and a maximum 10,000 EUR. The more you invest, the more income you could potentially make. So they say.

BizzTrade Compensation Plan

The way BizzTrade compensates you is through recruitment and the daily ROI. Since there’s so much to get into when it comes to how they compensate you, I will give you a brief overview of each one.

Direct Income

You will earn a 10% commission with every BizzTrade package that is sold through your referral link.

Team Bonus

Depending on the package you choose, you can earn up to 9% in commissions from the total sales volume from your team. But in order to qualify, you need to recruit at least two people to become your left and right leg.

Matching Bonus

There is a Team Bonus that gives you a 2% commission up to the fifth generation level. But in order to qualify, you need to be a trader or a Bizz Trader which are the fourth and third most expensive packages.

Renewal Bonus

Making sure your recruits renew their packages or purchase separate packages, is a great way to receive a bonus.

Ranks & Rewards

This is a great way to help incentivize members to recruit by creating a point system that tracks what each member earns. You receive a point for every leg in the 50 EUR pair. If for some reason the sales between each leg is uneven, then those that are matched will be converted into coins. Unless there is at least 10% of the entire pot’s value is from your direct referrals.

Escrow Reward

With the escrow rewards, you have what is called a Bizz wallet. If you deposit a certain amount into it, you will receive up to 20% of the value after 365 days. Your total earnings depend on the conversion rate at the time of its maturity date.

Passive Income

You automatically qualify to receive this bonus after your account has matured to 52 weeks. You are eligible to receive up to 10% of your initial investment, depending on which package you purchased.

What I LIke About BizzTrade

After doing quite a bit of research and learning what this company is about, I’ve come to the conclusion that I like absolutely NOTHING about this organization. I apologize for my list being so short. But I'll make it up to you by providing all the reasons why I dislike what this company stands for.

What I Don’t Like About BizzTrade

#1. Fish Rots At The Head

The same people that failed with BizzTrek, are the same people that are now at BizzTrade.

Not only that, but they are offering the same exact Forex master class. Which is the same pyramid scheme back in 2019 when they started BizzTrek.

That company was operating for about 4 months before it crashed and burned.

But instead of learning from their failures, they basically created the same company with a different name.

However this time they relaunched into a cryptocurrency business. 

#2. Lack of Products/Services

I’ll say it again, if any company that considers itself an MLM company, doesn’t have products to sell, that is a huge red flag.

The fact that most of the money is made through the recruitment of others can be considered illegal according to the FTC or any other governing body that regulates MLM companies.

The only thing they offer are courses which aren’t even their main selling point.

#3. Complaints

If you check out TrustPilot, you will see that this company is filled with complaints. They have a horrible rating and if you don’t believe me, just take a look at this review below. 

So after going through this review, you can go check out trust pilot to read more. However, if you’re still not convinced, continue reading.

Also, I plan on providing you with an alternative to this failed company. One in which provides you with real training to make money online.

So let’s continue.

Is BizzTrade A Scam?

The fact that the owners failed at one company, then came back with the same company under a different name, is reason enough not to trust them.

Also the fact that in order to make your money back, you have to recruit people gives me cause for pause.

My recommendation would be to stay as far away as you possibly can from this company. There are other legit ways in which you can make money online.

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