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By Ralph

January 29, 2021


They say that the money is in the list. That if you’re serious about really making money online, then you need a way to capture emails.

Yes there are those that would argue against the success rate of email marketing, but clearly there are many people that are having success with it.

Regardless of which side you’re on, you’re obviously here because you believe in it.

So the main goal is to find a program that can help you achieve the results you’re looking for.

One company that is looking to do this is Instant Email Empire. However, many are wondering if this is a complete scam or not.

Well in this review I plan on going over everything you need to know about them.

Things like their background information, cost to join, and what you can expect to make with this program.

After reading, you should have a better idea if this program is worth trying or not.

Instant Email Empire Review Summary

Product: Instant Email Empire

Founders: Bobby (No other name disclosed)

Product Type: Email Marketing System

Price to join: $9.99 a month plus upsells

Best For: No one

Summary: Instant Email Empire is an email marketing system that claims it can help you earn hundreds of dollars a day by just sending emails.

On its surface it seems like a great money making opportunity.

But in reality, the system makes absolutely no sense. There are so many things wrong with this business model like you chasing money.

It’s easier to sell someone that is willingly searching for a solution to their problem, rather than sending emails to people who may have no interest at all in what you’re selling.

For this reason, I would recommend that you search for other ways to make money online.

Rating: 1/100

Recommend: No


What Is Instant Email Empire?

Instant Email Empire is a money making opportunity that claims you can earn hundreds of dollars a day by just sending emails.

When visiting their landing page, you are welcomed with a video by a dude named Bobby who claims he’s made over 1.4 million in one year with email marketing.

Not only that, but like most guys you find over the internet, Bobby brags about his big mansion and all the vacations he can attend with his family.

And because he wants you to achieve the same lifestyle, he wants to provide you with everything you need to get started.

What makes this opportunity even better is that you don’t have to spend a dime for this information.

All that he asks you to do is create a free account and he will send subscribers your way.

You will then be able to promote to these subscribers and thus potentially earn commissions. Well since it’s free to create an account, I decided to do so to save you the time.

An Inside Look Into Instant Email Empire?

It’s easy to think that Bobby is doing you a favor by allowing you free access into the program. But in reality, he makes money when you sign up for Builderall which is an email marketing platform subscription. It will cost you at least $9.90 per month to build up your email subscribers so that you can send out your emails. The one thing I did happen to notice was while I was in the member's area dashboard. I noticed that my subscriber count and bank account balance was continuing to go up. But I didn’t really do anything. So I’m guessing this is just a way to get you motivated into thinking the program is actually working. All it’s really doing is tricking you to make sure you keep up with your monthly subscription.

How Instant Email Empire Really Works

While browsing through their site page, I noticed that you are presented with an upsell that will provide you with 5,000 ready to go subscribers.

How much will this cost you to have…$34.

Remember, in order to make money with this email marketing system, you will always need subscribers to sustain your income.

The problem however, is that the subscribers you are getting are nowhere near worth the quality needed to make sales.

It’s not enough to have people to email to, but you also need people that are looking to purchase whatever it is you’re offering.

Below is a quick overview of how this program works:

  • You sign-up for free
  • Subscribe to Builderall (optional) to send out mass emails
  • Pay $34 for low quality email leads
  • Sell products through your emails

So you’re probably asking the question, is email marketing a legit way to make money?

I hear this same question asked about affiliate marketing which tends to go hand in hand with each other.

 My answer to this question is absolutely!

It just doesn’t work the way Instant Email Empire is presenting it.

It’s even possible to make money with this Builderall affiliate program, but Email Empire again uses it improperly.

Who’s Instant Email Empire For?

This system isn’t for anyone that is looking to make a sustainable income. Therefore there is no way I would recommend this to anyone.

What I Like About Instant Email Empire

There’s absolutely nothing that I like about this system. Based on the training I received about internet marketing, it’s clear that Email Empire is using methods that will not help you build a sustainable online business.

What I Don’t LIke About Instant Email Empire

#1. Not Free As Advertised

There’s nothing worse than thinking you’re getting something completely free, and find out that this is not the case.

You get this with Instant Email Empire.

On the sales video, Bobby mentions that you can sign up for free and get access to the system.

But this is just a way to get your foot in the door so that he can hit you with all types of upsells.

Once you reach the member dashboard areas, there are a bunch of subscriptions you will have to pay for in order to be successful with the system.

#2. Bobby Is Not Real!

For me, knowing who the brains are behind a particular business is key for me when making a decision.

I like to research this person to get an idea who I’m dealing with.

So when researching this Bobby guy, I find out that he isn’t even the actual owner of Email Empire.

In fact, he’s an actor on the Fiverr site which we all know is a freelance content marketplace.

This guy has an actual video on Fiverr talking about being a spokesperson for you.

So obviously this is a huge red flag to me because why would someone try to hide their identity from the company they own?

#3. A Rehashed Version Of Another Scam

If you’ve seen one scam, then you’ve seen them all.

To be honest, this system reminds me of this GIM Training System that also focuses on email marketing.

It pretty much works the same way where it’s free to join, but you are sold a bunch of other stuff to make the system work.

Once they get exposed as the scam they are, they shut down and come back as another program with a different name.

So you have to be careful with this.

#4. Spam Everywhere

There’s nothing more annoying than spam, but this is exactly what will happen to you if you sign up to this program.

Bobby and his boys will blast a bunch of emails at you promoting their program. 

#5. Members Didn’t Get Paid

If you look at reviews about Instant Email Empire, you find out there are quite a few negative reviews.

Most of them describing how they never received payment when it came time to withdraw their money.

There are a bunch of complaints that should make you hesitant to purchase this system.

Is Instant Email Empire A Scam?

I mean there are quite a few flags that would make this the case. Soooo I would have to conclude that this system has no legitimacy at all.

Especially when I know that both email marketing and affiliate marketing are highly reputable ways to make money.

But the way this program abuses both methods, makes it even worse.

My recommendation would be to pass on this program and look for other programs to help you make money online.

A program that focuses on teaching you how making money online actually works. From there, helps you build a business that will sustain itself for the long term.

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