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January 27, 2021


If you’re someone that is looking to make money online, there is no better way to do it then with affiliate marketing.

In fact, most people who made money online, started with affiliate marketing, myself included.

If you’re someone that doesn’t have a lot of money, affiliate marketing makes it easy to get started.

That’s because you can market and sell products that you don’t actually own.

However, the most difficult part about starting an affiliate marketing business is finding legit training.

One program out there that claims to provide this type of training is Income League. But I’m sure you’re wondering if it is a scam or not.

Well in this review I plan on going over everything you need to know about this program.

Things like its background information, cost to join, and what kind of earnings you can expect from it.

After reading this review, you will have a much better idea if this is worth trying or not.

Income League Review Summary

Product: Income League

Founders: Matthew Neer

Product Type: Affiliate Marketing Platform

Price to join: $47 one-time fee plus upsells for training programs

Best For: No one

Summary: Income League claims to be an affiliate marketing platform that can help you make thousands of dollars a day.

All you have to do is post these free ads online, and the money just rolls in.

But anyone that has experience with affiliate marketing knows that making money online is never this easy.

If you’re someone that is expecting to make easy money with this program, then you’re just wasting your time.

I recommend you look for a program that actually takes the time teaching you how to make money online with affiliate marketing.

Rating: 15/100

Recommend: No


What Is Income League?

Income league is an Internet Marketing course that uses affiliate marketing as a way to help you make money.

You can find this program sold on the ClickBank website, which is a digital marketplace for affiliate products.

If you’ve ever been on this site, then you know this is where you tend to find a bunch of affiliate gurus who claim they have the secret to making money online.

Not only do they have the secret, but they can help you make this money with ease.

But for this particular program, it was created by Matthew Neer who is a well known Internet Marketer and has a YouTube channel.

A quick note on Matthew, he has a bit of history when it comes to creating internet marketing products.

He created an app called Viral Cash which many considered a scam. So already you have to be cautious of what you’re getting from him.

Anyways, when you visit the landing page of Income League, you are presented with a video with Matthew and one of his buddies.

It’s one of the cheesiest videos I’ve ever come across.

He’s with a friend talking about all the money he’s made and how he can help you do the same.

But for anyone that has found success with affiliate marketing, knows that there is no such thing as easy money. 

An Inside Look Into Income League?

I’m always skeptical of any program that when you visit their site, instead of showing you how the system works, they talk about all the money you can make.

From there on the same landing page, they then ask you to enter your email and BUY NOW!

This is exactly what Income League does. Is it possible to make hundreds if not thousands of dollars a day using affiliate marketing? Sure!

I’ve even had a couple of days where I made at least 3 thousand dollars.

But it’s something that doesn’t happen often, and takes a lot of work. So affiliate marketing is definitely a legit way to make money online.

But what Income League has you doing is email marketing to help promote these products.

Below is a brief breakdown of how their system works:

  1. You create landing and squeeze pages to collect other people’s email addresses.
  2. When someone enters their email address, they are redirected to your recommended product via your affiliate link.
  3. If they purchase the product, you’ll earn a commission.
  4. If they don’t, you’ll do follow-ups to get them to buy these products.

So what about those ads I mentioned earlier in this review? Well these ads are meant to be posted on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Along with posting these ads, you will place your affiliate link which will bring the person to your landing page.

If it sounds simple, well that’s because it is. However, you will learn why there are some negatives to doing affiliate marketing this way.

What About The Training?

When it comes to learning how to make money online with affiliate marketing, training is crucial.

So with Income League, you get about 90 minutes worth of training with the basic package.

But where they get you is in the upgrades which gets you access to more training costing you about $500 total.

Along with this training is 2 hours worth of YouTube videos where Jamie Lewis is presenting the system.

Jamie is also a well known Internet Marketer that has a bit of experience in the making money online industry.

But if you watch the video long enough, then you’ll quickly learn that all you’re getting is a cross promotion of other products they’re selling.

However I will say this, the training Matthew is giving is very clear and straightforward.

He talks about how ClickBank works and how you can track your links and make money. 

How Much Does The Program Cost?

To get started with their program, it will cost you only $47 for their basic package. This will get you access to some of their basic training videos.

But to get access to some of the more advanced training videos, you will have to spend at least $500.

If you’re saying to yourself, “isn’t this an upsell,” then you would be correct. This will supposedly get you access to everything you need.

Who’s Income League For?

This product is average at best so it would be hard for me to say this product is for anyone.

It is definitely not for experienced internet marketers as they would see right through this low quality program.

So maybe the target is newbies, but I would recommend beginners to also stay away.

What I Like About Income League

I really tried hard to find at least one thing I liked about this program. But I couldn’t come up with anything.

As someone who has experience with affiliate marketing, there’s just so much I don’t like about this program.

Which I will go over in the next section.

What I Don’t LIke About Income League

#1. Not Kind To Beginners!

When starting a new business, I know there can be a tendency for some to want things done for you.

So when presented with the Income League program, you’re pretty much getting an already done for you system.

Which can be enticing for many beginners.

However, the issue with these types of systems is that you don’t own any part of the business.

Which is a big no no when trying to earn money for yourself. So everything you see on this site like landing pages you have little control over.

If the company were to ever shut down their hosting, your website would go right along with it.

But maybe you expect Income League to be around for a while, but why take that risk?

#2. Where’s The Traffic!

Based on my experience with affiliate marketing, success is highly dependent on your ability to drive traffic to your site.

So when I look at Income League, I don’t see how you can drive traffic to a site using just a landing page or squeeze page.

One of the ways you drive traffic is by using SEO which stands for search engine optimization.

By getting indexed within the google search engines and improving your rankings, allow you to attract users to your site.

But not only do you have to drive traffic to your site, you have to drive people who are actually interested in what you’re selling.

I don’t see how this is done with the Income League program.

What I see is you having to chase people to buy your products through email marketing. Which for many people is a big no no since people don’t like being spammed.

#3. They Overhyped The Product To Hide Its Disadvantages

One of the biggest red flags for me when it comes to any money making opportunity is the overhyping of a product.

Claiming that you can make a bunch of money without having to work hard is a dream.

You see this in the sales video where Matthew goes on and on about all the money he’s making.

Any person watching the video will see through the fakeness.

Because what they fail to tell you in the video is:

  • You will be spending too much time chasing leads
  • The system you are using will be used by hundreds of other people
  • You will be competing with those same hundreds of people for the same lead

But I’m sure they are hoping for a small percentage of people to fall for this nonsense.

Is Income League A Scam?

Although the program has scammy tactics, I wouldn't necessarily call it a scam.

Yes the owner does have a bit of a reputation of creating such products, but Income League does offer a little bit of value.

However there is no way I would recommend this program to anyone due to the fact that I’ve actually taken training on how to build a business with affiliate marketing.

And by looking at this program, they look to be creating more of a done for you system which I know doesn’t work.

They also have no way to drive traffic to your site which is the most important part for success in affiliate marketing.

So if you’re still serious about making money with affiliate marketing, then I would suggest you find another program.

One that will focus on teaching you the basics of making money online with affiliate marketing.

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