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By Ralph

May 16, 2019


If you’re like me, than the thought of having to work in a cubicle seems like a miserable life to live.

So if you’re someone that is really into fitness and loves helping others achieve some level of fitness, then pursuing a career as a personal trainer may make a lot of sense to you.

But one issue many trainers struggle with is, figuring out how to make money as a personal trainer.

You’ve probably heard stories of trainers being able to bring home over a 100K a year.

I mean who wouldn’t love making that much money and still being able to wear gym clothes for a living.

Unfortunately life is never that simple especially when it comes to the life of a personal trainer.

Although being a personal trainer allows you many opportunities to make good money, finding success in this industry is a lot harder than many people think.

That’s why in this article I plan on showing you some ways in which you can make the money you’re looking for.

I also plan on explaining why I eventually stopped personal training and was still able to find success in the fitness industry helping people live a healthy lifestyle.

So you should definitely continue reading if you’re interested in finding out how I was able to do this.

Employee or Independent?

When deciding to become a personal trainer, you pretty much have three options to choose from when it comes to your employment.

You can either choose to be:

  • Employed at a commercial gym
  • Employed at a private facility
  • Self-Employed (Independent)


Most of your success will dependent largely on which option you choose to go with.

I will quickly breakdown what you can expect if you choose to go either route as a personal trainer.

Employed at a Commercial Gym

Working at a commercial gym can be a great choice if you are someone that is just getting started as a personal trainer.

Most gyms provide you with all the necessary tools to help get your career started on the right foot.

At the same time, there are many restrictions since you have very little control over what you can and can’t do as a trainer.

But if you’re looking to gain experience, working in a commercial gym is a great place to start.


  • Given employee benefits
  • A funnel of clients are provided for you
  • A wide variety of equipment is available for you to use
  • Very little responsibilities outside of personal training


  • Have to follow a training system when training
  • Prices are set for you
  • Have no control over decisions that are made
  • Very goal oriented

When I first got certified as a trainer, these were some of the things I considered before choosing which path would work best for me.

So I would recommend you do the same as the amount of money will be somewhat limited if you decide to work for a commercial gym.

Employed at a Private Facility

If working for some type of facility is something you really want to do to help you get started, then finding a private facility may be the better option.

The reason is, they allow a lot more flexibility in terms of how you can train your clients.

As long as you are able retain the clients that are provided to you by the facility, you can pretty much create your own training system.

This allows you more freedom to grow and develop your career as a personal trainer.

Keep in mind that private facilities may not have the marketing power commercial gyms have, but the freedom to be your own person is highly beneficial to your growth.

Also, many owners of these private gyms will negotiate your commission, whereas commercial gyms are pretty much set for you.


This is the path I chose when I first got started, and believe me when I say that it wasn’t easy.

But being the business minded person I am, the challenge of building my own business was something that motivated me a lot.

Being able to control the amount of money you made per session was a huge plus.

Also not having to worry about reporting to anyone fit perfectly into the type of trainer I wanted to be.

This also allowed me to have total control over the type of training I used on my clients.

But with the good comes all the bad when it comes to being an independent trainer. In order to grow my business, I had to make sure I handled the marketing, sales, and administrative aspect of the business.

Obviously this can take up quite a bit of your time.

Creative Ways To Make Money as a Personal Trainer

Below you will find some ways you can make money as a personal trainer.

Keep in mind that most of these ways are primarily done if you are a self employed trainer since you have more control over what you can do. 

But I also provide a way for those that are even employed at a facility to create extra income for yourself.

Host Boot Camps

One thing you’ll realize very quickly is that not everyone can afford to hire a personal trainer to help get them get into shape.

Hosting boot camps can be a great way to bring in money for those not able to afford one on one training.

Instead of having to charge one client let’s say $60 per session, with a boot camp class, you can charge 10 people anywhere from 10-20 dollars.

You can easily make anywhere from 100-200 dollars in that same hour.

Provide Personalized Workouts and Meal Plans

As a personal trainer, we know that living a healthier lifestyle is more than just about exercising daily.

Making sure you’re eating healthy everyday is a huge factor in the type of results you get. So providing meal plans and workouts can be a great way to drive in some extra revenue.

Keep in mind that depending on the state you live in, in order to provide meal plans for clients, you have to be a certified nutritionist or dietitian.

But this can definitely be another source of income for those with a decent client base.

Start an Online Business With A Website

This method is probably my favorite since this is something I am currently doing now. A big reason for that is in order for any business to grow, a website is needed.

If you’re a business without a website, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to get in touch with thousands if not millions of potential customers.

The great part about the fitness industry is that there are so many avenues in which you can make money.

So why not use the internet as a source of increasing your earnings. All you need is a website and proper training to get started in building an online business.

Many people think that building a website is difficult, but platforms like WordPress make building a website very simple.

As for training, I can show you the program that has helped me build my online business and create that passive income that is necessary as you get older.

Offer In Home Personal Training

Not everyone is comfortable working out in a gym. So this leaves the potential for servicing clients that would rather you train them in the comfort of their home.

You can usually charge a very good price and make some good money depending on your clientele.

Of course it helps to be self-employed which allows you to have total control over how your business is run.

 Make sure you factor in costs like gas and equipment as this will be necessary to help service your clients.

Is Being A Personal Trainer Worth It?

Answering this question will depend a lot on what your goals are financially. If you’re just looking for a job and couldn’t see yourself working in an office job, then pursuing this career path may make sense.

But if you’re someone that is business minded and are looking for a way to set yourself up financially for years to come, then being a personal trainer might not be enough. You may need to find other ways of increasing your earnings.

Below are some things I liked and disliked about being a personal trainer:

Things I liked About Being a Personal Trainer

  • Getting to wear comfortable clothing to work
  • Helping people improve their health
  • Work schedule can be pretty flexible
  • Get to dictate how much to charge for each session (if independent)

Things I Didn’t Like About Being A Personal Trainer

  • Working long hours
  • Fluctuating pay
  • Responsible for Marketing and Sales (if independent)
  • Very low pay when getting started
  • Finding space to train can be difficult (if independent)

After learning about my likes and dislikes, I had to make a very tough decision about my future as a personal trainer. I had to really think about the end game, and if I really wanted to work this hard as I got older.

Because remember, even though more clients means more money, it also means less time to do other things you love to do since you will be very busy training clients. Which obviously can be both a good and bad thing.

Why I Decided To Stop Personal Training

I was a self employed personal trainer for about a year and a half before I decided that this couldn’t work for me long term.

Dealing with clients cancelling and not really having my own space to train them the way I wanted was a real struggle.

So after a lot of thinking, I wanted to find a way to make money without having to work so hard to find clients to train. Because I knew that the only way I made money as a trainer, was if I was actually training clients.

This can cause too much uncertainty when it comes to making money.

Not only that, but as you get older, do you really want to still be training people knowing how much energy is needed to do this. For me, I wanted to work less and make more as I got older.

At the same time, I still wanted to help people live healthier lives. Because i’m sure that many of you also want to help people get healthier, and still be able to pay your bills on time.

How You Can Still Help People Live A Healthier Lifestyle

Other than money, if helping people is your main goal, then it’s time to starting thinking of ways to help more people with less effort. And the best way to do that is with the use of the internet.

Let’s go with the best case scenario when it comes to you training clients. Regardless of if you’re self employed or an employee at a gym.

If you can get 10 clients to show up a day, I’m sure we can all agree that is a pretty good day.

But what if I told you it was possible to service 100, 1,000, even 10,000 people each day. Don’t you think the opportunity to make money would increase with that many people being helped out by you?

Why You Should Be Thinking About Starting an Online Business

For those that are thinking about becoming a self employed trainer rather than an employee at a gym, like me, you’re probably very business minded.

But sometimes being business minded just isn’t enough when it comes to learning how to create a mindset for business.

Regardless of the profession, having a website is crucial to any business that is looking to grow.

Just look at today’s retail stores, many of them are shutting down due to people choosing online as a way to shop for the things they need.

So if you’re interested in learning how to make money online and bring your fitness business to the next level, just click the link below.

You’ll be surprised at how much opportunity is out there to make a decent income.

Learn How To Make Money Online - A Guide To Affiliate Marketing

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