June 10

By Ralph

June 10, 2019


In this article, I plan on showing you how to become an online personal trainer in 5 easy steps.

I’m sure when you hear the term online personal trainer, the first thing that goes through your mind is training clients online.

But i want you to think of the term “online personal trainer” a bit differently.

Instead of figuring out how to train clients from your laptop, I want you to think of the online world as a way to supplement your personal training business.

The goal is for you to be able to continue training your clients in person.

But also have an online platform where you can use your influence as a trainer to help those you don’t meet in person.

Not sure how you can do that?

Below I will show you how you can bring your personal training skills to the online world.

Building an online business that will not only grow your brand as a trainer, but also provide you with passive income that affords you time to do other things you enjoy.

Pick a Niche

When I built my first website back in 2016. I knew that I wanted it to be focused in the health and fitness industry.

I wasn’t yet sure exactly what I wanted to talk about, but I knew I wanted to help people live a healthier lifestyle.


I wrote about many things like eating healthy and exercising daily. The problem I was having was that the things I talked about was too generic.

I needed to narrow my focus more and write about things specific to people's problems.

So eventually I began to narrow my focus to weight loss, and started to write about things that could help someone that is struggling with losing weight.

Once I was able to do that, writing started to get easier.

The reason picking a niche is so important when getting started online, is because you need to become an expert in whatever you are talking about.

If you find yourself trying to talk about too many subjects, your readers will find it hard to follow you.

People like to know that someone is focused on solving their problem. And it's hard to do that if you’re jumping from subject to subject.

So I would recommend choosing a niche, and focus on mastering it.

Build A Website

It would be very difficult to have a presence online if you didn’t have a website. So once you’ve chosen a niche to focus on, the next step is to build a website.

Now I know that the thought of building a website might sound intimidating, but believe me when I say that a website can be created in less than 30 seconds.

Platforms like wordpress has made this feat very possible.

Having a website allows you to market yourself as a trainer in ways you’ve never thought of.

Not only that, but there are many ways in which you can monetize your site. Imagine your site making money for you even while your busy training clients.

But before you start making money with your site, you have to first fill it with content. It would be pretty difficult to make money with your site if you had nothing on it right?

So what kind of content should you fill your site with?

Create Content For Your Website

There are quite a few different ways in which you can create content for you website.

The more content you create, the better the experience visitors will have when searching through it.

The two most popular ways to create content for you site are:

  • Videos
  • Writing

As a personal trainer, finding video to put up for your site shouldn’t be that difficult.

Each client you train throughout the day, that's video content you should be putting up on your website. 

You can even create a section just for videos. You could even do training videos for those looking to learn how to do certain exercises. 

So whatever video you can come up with, just make sure to post it on your site.

This can be a great way for anyone visiting your site to get to know what kind of trainer you are.The other way in which you can create content on your site is by writing. 

Now if you don’t consider yourself a great writer, don’t worry, because neither was I. In fact, I hated writing which probably contributed to my poor writing skills.

But i learned that when writing about something I was passionate about, I found that writing can be fun. Also, the more I wrote, the better writer I became.

And it’s not like you have to write at the level of some professor at a university.

Basically, all you have to do is write at a level people can understand and relate to. Once I figured that out, I was able to enjoy writing more.

So as a trainer, you can write about anything related to what you do.

Of course you want to make sure you stick to your selected niche, but it’s ok to branch over a bit onto other things related to whatever niche you select.

Also, there are other reasons you should be writing content on your site. And that is to help build traffic to it, for FREE!

With over 3 billions people using the internet, that is a lot of potential visitors checking out what you have to offer them.

So how do you attract these visitors to your site?

Attract Visitor To Your Site 

The main goal for any website is to get people to visit it right? Of course you’ll already have clients that you train visiting the site, but what about those you’ve haven’t met yet?

I’m talking about internet users that are looking for someone to help solve their problems. What if you were able to get those type of visitors to your website? 

And not only do you help solve whatever issue they may have, but they then decide to thank you for the help by buying from your site.

This can be a great way to generate some added income.So how do you get people you don’t know to visit your site?

In the previous paragraph, I talk about creating content. The reason I mention this is because google love sites that are geared towards helping people.

The more content you put on your site, the better rankings google will give you in their search engines.

Better rankings means more traffic!

Now you may be asking yourself, how can I help someone if I have no idea what their problem is to begin with?

Well what if I told you there are tools that can show you exactly this? Tools that could give you the exact keywords people are searching for on the internet.

Do you think it would be easier to better serve someone knowing this? I’m sure you would.

Keyword tools like Jaaxy can do just that. It can tell you how many people are searching for a particular keyword each month.

Knowing this, i’m sure you could come up with a bunch of things to write about that could help people.

And if google likes it enough, they will rank it in their searches, giving users an opportunity to see if you could be the help they’re looking for.

Recommend Product/Services and Collect Revenue

Once you’re able to attract visitors to your site, you can then start making recommendations for products and services for them to try.

Things that would help benefit the health of these visitors of course.

I’m sure you make recommendations all the time with your clients and friends. But never receive a penny for those recommendations right?

Well with a website, you can recommend all types of products/services that people are looking to try.

As long as you can provide your readers with helpful information about these products, you can earn a commission if they buy.

This type of marketing is called affiliate marketing. Companies giving you permission to market their products, and earning a commission if people happen to make a purchase.

And with so many people using the internet everyday searching for things to buy, this is a great opportunity for you increase your income.

And if you’re wondering, there are 100’s of thousands of companies looking for website owners to market their products/services.

So why not be one of those people that is taking advantage of this powerful machine called the internet.

Final Thoughts - Creating Multiple Revenue Streams

I know when you hear the word online personal trainer, the first thing you think of is training clients online.

But as you can see from reading this article, my goal was to help you think bigger than that.

Instead of creating active income training clients and potentially getting burnt out, I want you to think about creating passive income.

Income that is being earned even if you’re training clients, or better yet, while you’re asleep.

Also, it’s important to create multiple streams of income for your business.

Because as we all know, training clients alone can be a very dangerous game to play if that’s all your relying on for money.

There are many slow months and the risk of people cancelling can leave you scrapping for dollars when it comes time to pay the bills each month.

So it’s important to learn how to create other ways to earn income.And there’s no better way to do that than by using the internet.

So I want to hear from you all. What are you hoping to accomplish as an online personal trainer? Is your goal to train clients both online and in person?

Do you think creating multiple streams of income is a sound idea to help grow your personal training business?

Please share your thoughts and opinions down below.

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