How Much Do Affiliate Marketers Make? – My Earnings Breakdown

How much do affiliate marketers make? This question tends to get asked quite often. The problem is, there isn’t any definite answers.

The reason being, affiliate marketing isn’t your typical job where you go for an interview and get offered a position with a base salary.

With a job, your income is limited. But with affiliate marketing, the amount of money you make is dependent on the level of effort you give.

So the best answer I can give you is that it’s unlimited.

But in order to achieve success in the affiliate marketing industry, there are a few factors you have to consider.

Things like how much time are you willing to invest?

Or, what are your expectations with affiliate marketing? These are just some of the questions you will have to ask yourself.

So before I delve deeper into these questions, I thought it would be helpful to give a little breakdown of my earnings over the years.

A Breakdown Of My Earnings

I started doing affiliate marketing back in September 2016. I had no idea what it was and how you could make money from it.

But I researched different training programs that helped me learn more about, and decided to give it a try.

So I officially built my first website in 2016 with the full intention of making money online.

Unfortunately, I ended 2016 without making one sale. I’ll be honest, those first few months were somewhat challenging.

Knowing all the work you will put in to see no results can be very discouraging.

But I took the long term view and knew that in order to reach my financial goals, I had to continue learning more about affiliate marketing.

So March of 2017 is where I made my first sale, albeit it was only $4.50.


But guess what, I didn’t even care. I knew right there that making money online was possible. And I tell you, making that first sale is one of the best feelings ever.

Because I knew if I could make even a $1, why couldn’t I make $2, or even $100.

So I kept on with the training, and each month I was making more than the previous month.

I was getting more traffic to my website and more clicks on my affiliate links.

So I kept creating content that google liked, and I was ranking higher and higher on the search engines.

So for 2017, I made a total of like $329.84. And December of that year, I hit $100 in total sales for the first time.

So I knew I was on the right track and that things would pick up as long as I kept putting in the work.

2018 is where my life changed for the better financially.

Between January to April, I made a total of about $1,000. But the 13th of May is where my explosion happened.

For that month, I made $1,459 and sales where coming in daily. For the year, I made a total of $110k, and 109 of that was made in a little over 7 months.

Because of this explosion, I was able to leave my part time job as a kickboxing instructor in October of 2018 and do affiliate marketing full time.

And I haven’t looked back since. So as you can see, the earning potential with affiliate marketing is amazing.

If you put in the work and get the right training, you can definitely make a full time income with it. 

Now let’s discuss some important factors when deciding on whether to start an affiliate marketing business.

Expectation vs Reality

Most people that decide to get started in affiliate marketing have the expectation that they will make money right away.

They hear about all these people making thousands of dollars online, and get caught up in the idea of the ease in which money is being made.

But what they fail to realize is all the hard work that goes into it.

Yes passive income is being created, but there was so much work put in before the passive income started flowing.

Some people can go months, and sometimes years even before they make their first sale.

Although, if you’re doing things correctly and you have the right training, you can make your first sale much sooner than that.

But it’s so easy for those getting started to get discouraged when money isn’t being made.

So it's important to understand that when it comes to making money online, it takes TIME! Especially if you’re new to building an online business.

This is in no way a get rich quick scheme.

As long as you come in with a long term view of making money with affiliate marketing, you have a good chance succeeding with it.

How Much Time Are You Willing To Invest

This is probably one of the more important factors in getting started with affiliate marketing.

Because I can tell you right now, part time work will get you part time results. And of course the same can be said for full time work.

When I started with affiliate marketing, I had a part time job as a kickboxing instructor.

I worked there about 3-4 days a week putting in 8 hours.

But as I started to get more serious with affiliate marketing, I dialed back a bit on the job working there about twice a week. 

This allowed me to put in 10 + hour shifts on days I wasn’t at my job.

I made sure that every time I wasn’t working, I was on my laptop learning and creating content for my affiliate marketing business.

I rarely hung out with friends, watched tv, basically anything that distracted me from the goal of improving my financial situation.

It took a lot of sacrifice, but it was definitely worth it. So if you’re serious about building a successful affiliate marketing business, then you need to put in the time.

How I Earn My Money Online

In 2018, I finally became a Six Figure Business, and it only took 27 months to get there. This allowed me to leave my part time job, and become a full time affiliate marketer.

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If you’re curious as to how I was able to create passive income for myself, then I recommend that you click the button below. I have prepared a special video that will explain how I did it.