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July 4, 2019


Are you looking for some fitness blog ideas to help grow your audience?

Well if you’re looking for a way to spread your message as a fitness professional, there’s no better way to do it than with a blog.

With so many people using the internet everyday, you can impact the lives of more people with less effort.

But before you get started writing, it’s important to narrow your focus, and think about which audience you’re looking to target.

Because what you may not realize is, google favors sites that tend to be more specific in regards the message their spreading within their blog.

And this is especially true if your blog is new to the online world.So the more targeted your message is, the quicker you can build up your audience. 

So below I plan on sharing with you some blog ideas that will help get your blog started on the right foot.

And as a special bonus, I plan showing you how make money with your blog if that’s something you’re interested in doing.

Google Trends

As you may already know, the fitness industry is very large and covers a vast amount of topics.

Maybe you have a specific topic in mind already, but are not sure if it is something many people are interested in.

Well for those that aren’t aware, google has a free tool that allows you to check and see how popular a certain topic is within their searches.


The name of the tool is Google Trends, and it will show you exactly how a certain topic is trending within the google searches.

So let’s start off with the first idea I have in mind which are wearable fitness trackers.

Now I won’t do a search for all the ideas I have listed, but you are more than welcomed to check them out yourselves with the Jaaxy tool I use for my searches.

Wearable Fitness Tracker

Now unless you’ve been living under a rock, it’s almost impossible to see anyone exercising without some type of fit watch attached to them.

Understandably so, they pretty much do everything when it comes to tracking your health and fitness.

For example, I have a fitbit and one of the coolest things about it is its ability to track things like my sleeping habits and heart rate.

I also use it to record my water intake and manage my weight goals.These are things that are very important to me when it comes to my health. 

It also helps that many of these devices can sync up easily with your phone, making it that more convenient for your health and fitness.

Now looking on google trends, you can see that wearable devices have been trending upwards over the past decade.

This trend bodes well for anyone that decides to create a blog focused around wearable devices.

And if you’re someone that is worried about this trend not continuing, just know that data is starting to become a huge part in the lives of many people.

So if you were to write about all things pertaining to wearable devices, not only will google rank your blog site quicker, but many people will look to you as the authority figure, thus increasing your audience.

Sports and Athletics

This topic is always a popular choice when it comes to anything fitness. What makes it such a great choice is the potential to branch off into other topics when it comes to sports.

So if you decide to make sports and athletics your topic of choice, I would recommend getting very specific.

So let’s say that you’re someone that is really into a sport like basketball. You want to talk about things that could help someone become a better basketball player.

Things like shooting, speed and agility, or maybe jumping higher. These are things many people look for when trying to figure out who has the skills to become the next Lebron James.

The more you talk about basketball, the more people start to see you as the goto person in that field.  

Eventually you can then branch off into other sports topics. You can also talk about tools and equipment needed to help make you a better athlete in a particular sport.

There are tons of things to talk about when it comes to sports, so try and get creative.

Just remember in the beginning to focus your energy on that specific topic to help build up your audience.


When you think of nutrition, you think of food.

There are many people out there that struggle with their diet because they have no idea what they should be eating.

So if you were to start a nutrition blog, you could be the expert to help guide people into better eating habits.

If you’re someone that is really good at creative fancy meals, you could make your blog site about health recipes.

What also makes this such a great idea is that people are so busy throughout their day, having a goto place for cool recipes is needed.

Another helpful tip when it comes to building a recipe site is having pictures.

People love to see the type of meals they will be creating. If you’re familiar with Pinterest, you can see why it is such a popular social media platform.

It’s a haven for those that like to create all types of cool looking recipes.

So if nutrition becomes your topic of choice, don’t forget to use Pinterest as a platform to help build your audience as well.

Fitness Clothing

No matter where you go, people love to dress up.

This is especially true in many big box gyms.People are always looking to wear the latest gym gear to get them through each workout. 

Now I know for some, you couldn’t care less what you look like in the gym.

All you’re looking to do is get in a good workout, and get the heck out. But for some, looking good at the gym helps make the workout that much more productive.

I mean whatever gets you moving the body, i say go for it. But back to the point. Fashion is becoming a huge part in the fitness industry.

Exercising is becoming more than just about getting healthy. You see people wearing fitness clothing when going to the grocery store.

So if you’re someone that is really into fashion and are looking for a way to incorporate it into your fitness life, then you should definitely start a blog about it.

You can write about new athletic gear that is coming out. You can even model the outfits and post them on your blog to show others how they fit.

And since this type of blog will be very visual, you may want to start an Instagram account to help grow your audience.

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms that uses pictures to grow their business. So it only makes sense to use them as well.

Exercise Routines

People are always looking for the latest when it comes to exercise routines.It’s one of the main reasons people fail to get results. 

Even though getting in shape is as simple as being active on a consistent basis, people still struggle with it due to boredom.

People like being shown different exercise routines to help them reach their fitness goals.

So maybe creating a blog about all the different routines one can do to get in shape is something you may be interested in.

This type of blog could be perfect for a personal trainer that is looking to bring their business online.

Having a library with different exercise routines can be a great way to build an audience.Of course this means that you have to stay updated on the all the latest fitness moves. 

But if you’re the creative person that likes to create fitness programs for clients, then you should definitely build a blog around it.

Obstacle Course Races

From tough mudders to spartan races, obstacle course races are a great way to stay active.

Whether people are looking to do it competitively or just for fun, there is definitely a demand for it. So why not build a blog that talks all about it.

Also if you’re someone that competes in these type of races regularly, you would be the perfect person to share your experiences with this particular audience.

You could offer tips on how to train and prepare for each particular race.

Like what to eat and drink before and after the race to optimize performance or recovery.

What would be even better is if you had video of you training or participating in an actual race and put it on your blog.

It would immediately grab the attention of your audience, and have them asking questions on how to get ready for one.

There are many ways in which you could engage your audience when it comes to obstacle course races.

Group Fitness

With personal training being so expensive for those looking to get in shape, many are looking to go the group training route.

Not only is it a more affordable option, it’s also a pretty fun environment. Being able to work out with like minded people, makes the experience fun.

So it only makes sense to capitalize on this trend and build a blog around it.

You can discuss topics like the difference between individual training sessions and group training sessions.

There are a bunch of people looking to learn which type of training would be best for their fitness goals.

And if you have any experience with a particular group training class, it would be a good idea to share it with your audience.

Fitness Blog Post Ideas

Once you’ve figured out the direction of your fitness blog, it's time to come up with some blog topics.

And what I mean when I say blog topics, i’m talking about actual blog articles that fill out your blog site.

For example, you decide to make your blog site about wearables. You then have to start writing about all the different type of wearables available in the market today.

Now you don’t have to write about all of them in one day.

But in order for your audience to grow, you need to give them things to read and learn about when it comes to wearable devices.

So how do you go about that?

Well what if I told you that you can find out exactly what people are searching for within the google search engines?

Using keyword tools like Jaaxy that tell you how many people are searching for a particular keyword every month.

You can then take these keywords and create articles to fill out your blog site.

For example, here are 5 keywords to use for your wearable niche blog:

  • Best wearable fitness tracker (220 avg searches/month)
  • Best fitness tracker for gym workouts (32 avg searches/month)
  • Best waterproof fitness tracker (291 avg searches/month)
  • Best affordable fitness tracker (118 avg searches/month)
  • Best fitness tracker for women (399 avg searches/month)

These are all blog topics you could choose to write on your site. Each talk about fitness trackers, but are specific in nature.

As you can see, each topic provides a lot of searches each month.

Meaning if you were to write about any of these topics and were able to rank on the first page of google, you would be getting about that many visitors each month.

So the more you write, the greater the potential for visitors to check out your blog.

How To Attract Visitors To Your Blog

As easy as I've made it sound to get people visiting your site, it does actually take a bit of work.

Just because you happen to have a blog and have written a few articles about fitness trackers, doesn’t mean people will all of a sudden just come.

In order to attract visitors to your site, you have to write, write, and write some more.

The reason for this is google wants to make sure that you’re providing users with valuable information.

There are millions of blogs out there, and google wants to make sure that you’re serious about providing people with helpful information.

So the more you write, the more google is willing to get your blog in front of visitors.

How To Make Money With a Fitness Blog

Did you know that you can make money with your blog? One of the best ways to do it when starting out is through affiliate marketing.

Basically you partner up with companies and promote their products.

And if you are able to get people to purchase the products you recommend, companies will pay you a commission.

So like the example I gave you when it comes to fitness trackers.

If you were able to write a blog post about a specific fitness tracker and people were to make a purchase from your site, you would receive a percentage of the sale.

This is how I got started with my online business, and was able to generate 5 figures each month.

So if you’re interested in learning more about affiliate marketing, just click the link below.

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