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By Ralph

January 1, 2021


I’ve always told people that the 3 best ways to create wealth is by starting a business, investing in stocks, and investing in real estate.

Now you don’t have to do all three, but If you can do at least one of them, you should be ok.

But when it comes to building wealth, real estate by far is the best way to do it. Which is probably why you’re here on this site today.

You heard about this system called Cash Finder and were wondering if it was a legit program or not.

Well in this review I plan on going over everything you need to know about them.

Things like their background information, cost to join, and the type of earnings you can expect with the Cash Finder System.

By the end of this, you will have a better idea if this system is worth getting into or not.

Cash Finder System Review Summary

Product Name: Cash Finder System

Founders: Lee Gilmore

Product Type: Real Estate Finder’s Fee Platform

Price to join: $999 (now discounted at $99)

Best For: No one

Summary: Cash Finder System is a system that claims to teach you how to locate properties for interested buyers.

But all it is is a get rich quick scheme that doesn’t have actual results.

This system makes it sound like finding properties to buy is simple when anyone with experience knows this is not the case.

Finding good properties to invest in takes time.

Not only do you have to find the property, but you also have to deal with lawyers, inspectors, buyers, etc.

But these won’t be your biggest barriers, you also have to deal with the competition. People looking to do the exact same thing you’re doing.

So any system that claims to make you money quickly when it comes to real estate, is more than likely selling you a dream.

Rating: 5/100

Recommend: No


What Is The Cash Finder System?

Created by Lee Gilmore, The Cash Finder System is a program geared towards helping you make money online locating real estate properties.

That all you need is a computer and internet connection, and you can make thousands of dollars easy every week.

If you’ve ever heard of wholesaling, then you know it’s where investors use people to find deals for them.

When the deal closes, the person who found the deal gets a percentage of the cut.

But for anyone that has experience in this industry, you know this process takes a lot of time.

But with the Cash Finder System, this all can be done with a click of the button. Where do I sign up!

All joking aside, in a 20 minute sales video, Lee Gilmore outlines the steps involved to making this system work:

  1. Find a property
  2. Post a property
  3. Start depositing checks

Sounds easy enough right? Well like I mentioned before, transactions in real estate take time.

There are a lot of middle men that need to be communicated with in order to complete a transaction.

And if you ever bought a house before, then you have at least some idea of how buying a property works.

Basically there is no way to get this done in the manner this system claims it can.

An Inside Look Into Cash Finder System

When you look into the sales video Lee Gilmore makes, he gives you this illusion that making money in real estate is easy.

All you have to do is click a few buttons on your computer and you can find great properties that you can pair with wealthy investors.

Once all this is done, checks will come flooding through your door.

But what is missing from all this is the people in the middle that have to be dealt with first. Realtors, agents, lawyers, and inspectors.

Dealing with all these professionals alone can slow down the process or worse stop it.

Even if you remove all those barriers that I mentioned, your biggest roadblock will be your competitors.

Do you think you will be the only one looking to sniff out deals.

And since this system is done through the internet, that means information is traveling even faster.

That means you have to be on the ball 24/7 to find these deals.

Remember, most of these deals will be found through auction sites, foreclosures, and most importantly, people in the know.

And in order to make sure you’re getting notified of these deals, you will have to build relationships, which is tough to do through a computer.

Cash Finder System Promises

Here’s a quick outline of what the Cash Finder System claims to provide you:

  1. Makes you money quickly
  2. Requires less work time
  3. Only 15 hour work weeks
  4. Gets you a bigger income
  5. Teaches you everything

Tell me all of that doesn’t sound just great! I’m sure you’re an intelligent individual that can see past all this nonsense because nothing in life is this easy.

The Price

The cost to be a part of this wonderful system is $999, but it’s only a limited time offer.

To be honest, if you’re reading this now, you’ve probably missed out on an opportunity to only pay just $99.

But if you’re lucky, if you try exiting their landing page, a pop-up will show inviting you to sign up for only $49.

To be honest, I think the $49 is the actual price and that they’re just showing the other prices to make it look like you’re saving a lot of money.

What Do You Get?

You get access to 12 training video modules:

  1. Getting started
  2. Crucial concepts
  3. Wholesaling 101
  4. Surveying the Real Estate
  5. How to get deals coming to you
  6. Negotiating and getting it under contract
  7. Due diligence
  8. Transaction management
  9. Attracting qualified buyers
  10. How to get your deals sold
  11. Assigning closing and getting paid 
  12. Mindset

What’s crazy is everything listed in this module makes total sense. So I find it very odd that the system claims to make you money quickly.

This all takes time based on my experience.

How The Cash Finder System Tricks You

Like I mentioned in the previous paragraph, the training they have listed makes a lot sense. But that is how they trick you. They provide you with the details on how the money is made, but when it comes time to make the money, there’s none to be made. That’s because making money in this business is really hard. Cash Finder sells you a dream that you can make a lot of money, but in reality, it’s going to take a lot of effort. Then when you don’t make the money, they will lay the blame on you for not following the training.

Who’s Cash Finder System For?

Unless you’re someone that likes being tricked into making fast money, I can’t say this system is for anyone.

If you’re someone that is looking for a legit way to earn income for the long term, please look elsewhere.

What I Like About Cash Finder System

There is absolutely nothing to like about this system. It flat out doesn’t work!

What I Don’t LIke About Cash Finder System

#1.Where’s The Proof

I’ve come to the conclusion that the Cash Finder System couldn’t care less about your well being.

They have no shame in making outrageous claims that have no way of being backed up with evidence.

I haven’t been able to find one person online that has a positive thing to say about this system, or that it actually worked for them.

All I see are claims of how much money you can make, without any proof.

#2. Misleading Video Presentation

The thing I don’t like about Cash Finder’s sales video is the fact that they make it seem like making money with real estate is super easy.

That all you have to do is get behind a computer, take some training, and checks will be hitting your account non stop.

Now in what world does that make sense.

First of all, in order to deal in real estate transactions, you need to be licensed. And I doubt anyone in this Cash Finder system is actually licensed.

Therefore you need to get in contact with someone who is. All this takes time which isn’t represented in these videos.

#3. They Don’t Guarantee Your Income!

What’s crazy is that if you go on their site, they make all these ridiculous claims of how you can make thousands of dollars every week.

But include a disclaimer about “results not being typical” for everyone. That right there should tell you they are full crap.

This is just a way for them to cover their but for when you don’t actually make money from their system.

Because there is no way to guarantee income when it comes to real estate transactions.

So if those disclaimers don’t make you turn the other way, then maybe you deserved to be had. But I think you’re too smart for that.

Is Cash Finder System A Scam?

Surprisingly it is not a scam, but no way in hell would I recommend this system to anyone.

As someone who is a licensed real estate agent, this business requires a lot of work. And you could wait months before receiving an actual commission check.

Also there is no actual proof that the system works so please don’t get tricked into the money making scheme.

If you’re still serious about making actual money online, then I would suggest finding a system that focuses on teaching you how to make money online.

Not some system that makes false promises of riches.

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