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By Ralph

May 26, 2019


If you’re a personal trainer or working towards becoming one, then there are a couple things you need to know:

  1. Being a personal trainer isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be
  2. If you plan on making some real money, training clients alone will not help you do that

The best way to make money as a personal trainer is doing what every other trainer isn’t doing.

Because let’s be honest, with so many people looking to become trainers, what’s the incentive for big box gyms to pay these trainers.

Especially since they can always replace those that are not happy where they are.

Unless you become an independent trainer like myself, you have absolutely zero control over how much money you can make.

And although being independent gives you that freedom, getting started as one takes a lot of work.

That’s why it’s important to learn how to think outside the box when starting a career as a personal trainer.

Understanding that in order to generate the kind of revenue you’re looking for, you need to create multiple sources of revenue.

Now I don’t plan on going over all the sources of revenue that can be created for personal trainers out there, but I will talk about the best way to go about it.

Use The Internet

If you have any kind of business, much less a personal training business, and aren’t using the internet as a source of income, you are potentially losing out on thousands of customers.

It’s pretty obvious that in today’s world, being connected online is considered a must in order to know what’s going on.

And as much as I love technology, i’m sure it will be the death of us someday. But you know what, it will be worth it.


There are so many people out there looking for solutions to their problems.

Whether it be in regards to their finances, love life, or health, people are looking for answers. So much so that they’re willing to pay you if you can provide them with the answers.

With more and more people using the internet every year, not only can you make money offline when training clients, but you can do it in the online world as well.

Why You Can’t Rely On Just Training Clients

Tell me if this doesn’t sound familiar. You got five clients booked for tomorrow, and you’re thinking even though i’m gonna be busy, there’s some good money to be made.

But then the cancellations start to roll in.For whatever reason, those five clients you had booked, turn into one client for the day. 

This is something personal trainers have to deal with on a daily and weekly basis. Not only that, but you have to make sure you’re in good health as well.

This type of inconsistency can make figuring out your earnings every month extremely difficult.

That’s because the only way you make money is if you’re actually training someone. This type of income is what we call active income.

The successful trainers understand that passive income is where the real money is.

Which is why I stated earlier that if you’re not using the internet as a source of generating revenue, you’re missing out on a huge audience to help create that passive income.

The Internet Allows You To Create Passive Income

As personal trainers, we can only make money on the people we service. We give 30-60 minutes of our time, and we are compensated for it.

Unfortunately this requires us to use up energy, and if we’re not at our best, the quality of our service will decline.

So the goal is to find a way to service your customers in a way that doesn’t require you to expend too much energy.

The internet does just that and also helps create that passive income you’re looking for.

See the internet doesn’t care how many people are looking around. In fact, it wants as many people hanging around as possible.

So whether you’re sleeping or training clients, the internet allows you to make money 24/7.

So what are some ways a personal trainer can go about making this passive income using the internet?

Well i’ll give you a little’s something i’m sure you do on a daily basis with your clients or friends even.

Earn Commissions By Recommending Products and Services

The great thing about the fitness industry is that there are so many opportunities in which you can earn good income.

It takes a creative mind and someone who is willing to take action to spot and monetize on these opportunities.

Let’s use a simple example.

As trainers, you probably get asked often about certain products or services you use to help get you in great shape.

Being the helpful trainer, you provide these recommendations to your friends or clients without hesitation.

But what if you could find a way to make a commission off of these recommendations.

I mean, they’re going to buy them anyways, why not get paid for it.

Knowing that it’s coming from a reliable source, they would be more than happy to contribute to your success.

So how can one earn a commission for simply recommending a product to someone? Through Affiliate Marketing.

As an affiliate marketer, merchants give you permission to promote their products, and if a sale is made, you receive a commission.

As personal trainers, we know there are thousands of products out there we can recommend within the fitness industry.

So how does one go about becoming an affiliate marketer? What kind of tools are needed?

All That’s Needed Is A Website and Some Expert Training

When I first started as an affiliate marketer, I knew absolutely nothing about it. I thought it was just some internet scam that I knew I had zero chance of making money with. 

But the program that helped teach me seemed to be about more than just promising riches.

They talked more about education and and providing training to help a newbie like myself learn how to make money in the online world.

All that was needed was a website and training from experts that have gone through it themselves.

So the fact that they stressed education more than money gave me a more comfortable feeling to see what this program was about.

So I decided to take the next step and I’ll tell you that i’m really glad I did.

Are You Willing To Take The Next Step?

So if you interested in making money as a personal trainer and would like to know where I learned how to make money online, then you should definitely click the link below.

You will learn what affiliate marketing is, and what tools are necessary in order to take your personal training career to the next level.

So tell me, what are some ways you make money as a trainer? Do you think the internet could help supplement your income as a personal trainer?

Please share your thoughts and opinions below.

Learn How To Make Money Online - A Guide To Affiliate Marketing

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